Namaste, I'm Dr. Katy Jane.

I help yogis, jyotishis and women entrepreneurs identify
their passions, connect with their highest purpose, and
transform their practice, teaching & life path using the
tools and principles of Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology



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Vedic Astrology can help you with your:
Health & Well-being
Life Transitions & More...

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Hi, I'm Dr Katy!

and I’m delighted you’re here! Named “One of the Top 75 Yogis Who are Shifting the Planet” by Origin Magazine.

I’m here to help you live your most authentic life—aligned with the purpose you were born to achieve, and which will outlive you.

While studying for my doctorate in religious studies and Sanskrit. I noticed I knew things about people (they’d never shared with anyone before)
and that I could help them based on their own imprint they received from birth. This intuitive ability has never left me.

As a Vedic astrologer, I interpret what the pattern of planets and stars above you when you were born means for you—who you are and why you were born.
I offer strategic guidance in life purpose, relationships, business, and well-being that validates what you already know to be true because you were born to
achieve this way.

As a teacher of teachers, I train aspiring professional Vedic astrologers to develop high quality intuitive counseling skills and grow their client base.


Dr. Katy Jane





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Foundations in Jyotisha

The perfect Immersion for those new to Vedic Astrology and want to learn to read Astrological Charts for themselves or start Vedic Astrology Offerings

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Ready to go all in on yourself?

Life Insight Mastery
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As a spiritual guide, teacher and author, my expertise is to guide you on a journey toward deeper self-awareness, greater inner peace, and wiser choices aligned with your most authentic life purpose—especially when you’re at a crucial turning point in your life, practice and teaching.

There are many ways someone turns “spiritual”…
and by spiritual I mean “from other to Self.”

Joseph Campbell called this turn “the hero’s journey” because it takes a lot of courage to look within for the answers to life’s greatest questions… Why am I born? What’s my purpose?


Connect your body, mind and spirit with the Vedic arts of Sanskrit and Jyotisha, and transform your yoga practice, teaching & life path.

If you’re interested in quieting your mind, deepening your breath and enlivening your life from the inside out, then join me on this incredible path.

I will share tools and techniques to expand your yoga practice as well as insights and details about solar and lunar ecplises and other astrologic events.

There are many ways you can connect with me.
Choose your favorite:


What clients Have to Say..


I look at life from an entirely different perspective as a result of the sacred knowledge that was passed on to me in the Life Insight Mastery Class. I learned about myself and others in a profoundly healing and elevated way. I use this knowledge every day of my life and continue to be devoted to my studies. The Life Insight Mastery Class changed my life! I’m forever grateful…" 

Siri Karam

"The Life Insight Mastery Class was amazing! It’s a really interesting way to look at the universe and see the way people’s lives unfold. I like Dr. Katy Jane’s approach to use Vedic Astrology to lift people up, and there’s a very real spiritual focus that’s not inherent in other approaches to Vedic Astrology. I really like what she brings to it—it’s very inspiring!"

Christie Hicks

"I'm always looking for "the answers" in life, and Dr. Katy Jane’s Life Insight Mastery Class has profoundly helped guide me toward them. Her method of teaching takes something very complicated, and makes it very easy to understand. Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) as life insight has positively changed my life in ways that were previously unimaginable to me."

Candace Kirchner

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