Holi Color Hands

You’ll feel like exploding with colors everywhere

Mar 01, 2021

It’s *almost* spring here in the northern hemisphere, which means in the Vedic calendar it’s Holi time!

Famed the “festival of colors,” Holi occurs on the brilliant full Moon in the Vedic "month of flowers.” It’s signaled by bonfires burning up collective animosity in the streets. In our English idiom, we “bury the hatchet.” On Holi, North Indians burn it up in every neighborhood.

Enemies become friends. Servants and their employers embrace. Children dump buckets of colored water on their elders’ heads. No one minds.

It’s great fun to be pummeled with water balloons by three friends on a motorcycle wearing rainbow wigs—or to stalk the neighborhood armed with a water gun hunting for similar prey of your own. As they smear your face with colored powder, people forgive their grievances with you.

They spread the colors of love everywhere with full joy.

We need moments of absolute release. It shakes us out of our collective malaise, which by now is as deep as this pandemic is long. We need our own personal mardi gras, some occasion to celebrate something huge.

It’s been a year since our world has been turned upside down. We were thrust into the underworld (of whatever we didn’t want to deal with but had to) “under lockdown.” Such a deep descent into the Plutonian hell we’ve been encountering since last January warrants its opposite. There’s a tangibly huge “flip side” to all this inward journeying we’ve been on. You only have to bear it a little longer.

March is when we turn it around.

The great being of compassion—Venus—appears as the bodhisattva leading you out of the remaining mire of last year on March 17th (when he enters Pisces and rules the zodiac as its exalted lord). That’s when you’ll really start to feel the release building. It will all culminate on the full moon, March 28th. It’s a grand finale moment. You’ll feel like exploding with colors everywhere!

What’s Ahead in March

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