Returning to Wholeness in Holy Bhadra Month

Sep 01, 2021

Welcome to September, which in the Vedic calendar is the month of Bhadra.

Bhadra means “auspicious,” “lucky,” “fortunate." During the first dark half of the month, it’s the tradition to invoke and feed your ancestors.

I never understood the connection between “fortune"and our ancestors until just recently.

After recently returning to the United States from India, I was invited to visit some friends in Hawaii for a few weeks. As luck would have it, on the first day of Bhadra I was invited to participate in a ceremony honoring ancestors at a Chinese Taoist temple in Honolulu.

While helping to preparing plates of roasted pork and poi to feed the departed, a member of the temple whispered to me, “We're only as successful as our ancestors are happy.”

In my work as an astrologer, I see so many of our problems (and their solutions) are connected to inherited ancestral karma. So much of our life is spent atoning for unfinished business. So much of what we think is our problem is really something we’ve been tasked to resolve on behalf of an old grannie.

Ancient indigenous cultures have recognized the practical value of taking care of our ancestors’ karma—so we can be free to “succeed"as my Chinese friend taught me.

This year Bhadra is accompanied by retrograde Jupiter and Saturn returning us to old issues and wounds we thought long gone. It can feel like no progress can be made. Your feet are stuck in sand.

Because this energy recurs every year at this time, the Vedic people recognized this isn’t an ordinary kind of “stuckness.” It’s a cry from the world beyond to pay attention to your connection to Source. You don’t need to elaborately feed your ancestors. Just acknowledging that not every problem you encounter was created by you is enough.

Astrologically speaking there’s a lot to cause emotional and mental distraction this month—with the endless choice of heart or mind, cooperation or aggression (caused by a dance between Mars and Venus) that can aggravate your mental balance.

The news will make you mad. Our collective desires for “progress"may go thwarted. Plans may disintegrate like a tissue left in the jeans that were tossed in the wash.

Yet the month of Bhadra beckons us to shift from identifying with changing events to the changeless eternity of time. That’s why it’s considered a “holy”month. It’s meant to align you with your “wholeness.”

Speaking of wholeness, I’ve completed a trip around the “whole world”and I’m back again in the USA. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be on the same timezone and to be connected with you all.

Now that I’m back I’ve opened my calendar for Vedic astrology readings live over Zoom. If you’ve been wanting an in-depth look at your life as it is now and what opportunities are opening for you in the near future, the month of Bhadra is perfect for that.

Here’s the link to my schedule to sign up for a natal chart (or follow-up, relationship or child’s chart) reading:

I’ll also be releasing some new offerings very soon…so keep an eye on your in-box for my upcoming classes.

I’m so happy to be connected!

With much love and blessings,


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