Welcome to eclipse season!

Nov 17, 2021

Eclipses provide a moment of wonder. They interrupt the constancy of the sun and moon - our emotions and the "I" who feels them. They make us aware of a bigger Presence behind all we experience.

For this reason, eclipses are good for some things and not good for others.

If you crave certainty around a situation, for example, "not good." If you're trying to get past some emotional gunk, "good."

I like to think of eclipses as deep soul cleanses - moments when you can clear out the debris from the nonstop moon/sundance party going on in your heart and mind. In eclipses, the music stops. You get a break.

On November 19th a very long lunar eclipse (since 1440!) takes place as the Moon enters the Pleiades, known in Vedic astrology as the Krittika constellation… and the Sun enters Vishakha, "The Fork in the Road."

Krittika means "to cut off" - to sever the emotional cords that bind you to unhappy people, places and things. It seeks the heart of the matter. It wants to know the truth.

The eclipse enhances Krittika's power to release attachment. It's truly a turning point moment in the year!

I recommend meditation during eclipses. Here in India, people take a "holy dip" in sacred rivers. It's the same idea. Diving deep in the cleansing energy of eclipses refreshes the soul!

Eclipses also provide us with new directions. The November 19th eclipse opens a portal to the fresh energy of 2022 and I believe it will give us all a lot of relief.

Speaking of new directions… I've returned to India after three glorious months in the USA. I'll update you on all the happenings, but for now it's nice to be home.

From my heart,


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