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And in typical Aquarian fashion, what’s old is new again

Apr 01, 2021

Despite what we learn from the news media, April is full of pleasant surprises in my opinion. 

The very best thing about April astrologically is that Jupiter leaves the clutches of his debilitation in Capricorn and enters the world-expansive Aquarius on the 7th. The great planet of wisdom promises us medical breakthroughs, innovations in education and a general hopeful feeling in the world. 

And if you’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, the age of inspired business that benefits humanity is upon us. 

For the next 12 months, Jupiter will do a back-and-forth dance between Aquarius (where he’s free to be) and Capricorn (where he’s a bit shackled). So while I blare the trumpet of victory, we still have some of last year’s nightmare to contend with. 

Yet with Jupiter’s entrance into Aquarius, I believe the worst of the pandemic is behind us. 

Now we can repair.

Jupiter helps us process all the lessons we’ve learned collectively and individually during the last year. He brings justice to heal the wrongs of the past. He looks forward to the future whose torch has been passed to a new generation. And over these next twelve months we’ll be blown away at how much has changed while we’ve been forced inside ourselves. 

I like to think it’s all for the better. 

Jupiter in Aquarius brings awareness that the world has awakened to where we’ve gone wrong as well as its remedy. It’s the springtime of humanity. (Not to mention baggy jeans, bell bottoms, and high-waisted bikini bathing suits are back in style. Yippee!)

It’s also the annual spring Navaratri—the 9 Nights of the Goddess—beginning April 13th.  This is a great time of self-assessment. What have you learned in the past year? How have you changed? Where is your life now heading?

Aquarius is both philosophical and spiritual, practical and idealistic.

It’s a wonderful time to advance your knowledge of deep subjects. 

As a sign of the future, Jupiter in Aquarius gives us the opportunity to envision and align with the fruits of our dharma in this life—and plant what the Buddha referred to as bodhicitta, the seeds of enlightenment. 

There’s actually a science to creating an ideal future outcome according to Vedic Astrology.

It’s well known that our actions have consequences.

Your natal chart provides insight into how to align your actions with the future (and pre-destined) best outcome.

In this way, knowing the basics of your Vedic astrological natal chart is self-empowering. It allows you to make strategic decisions that have ideal future outcomes. 

Jupiter in Aquarius is the great leveler. Astrology isn’t just for the professionals, but now everyone can know the basics of their natal chart and how to align their thoughts, speech and actions with the highest expression of our inborn destiny.

And in typical Aquarian fashion, what’s old is new again.

The combination of Jupiter and Aquarius signals that astrology’s making a huge comeback as many are seeking certainty and direction in an uncertain and seemingly directionless world. Who else can you really trust but your own higher Self? 

Aquarius also teaches us that everyone should have equal access. I extend this to your Vedic astrological chart. Everyone should know how to read and interpret their own destiny. And your Vedic astrological chart is a powerful map to help you navigate your actions toward its achievement.

I believe once you start learning the basics of astrological interpretation, you’ll be hungry to know more.

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