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How The Stars Determine Your Destiny - With Incredible Accuracy

“You’re destined to receive this reading when you are 20 years, nine months and three days old,” Chakrapani Ullal— Los Angeles’ most reputable Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer)—began his discussion of my life’s fate.

Having provided him with only my name, birth date, time and location, he described my psychology more accurately than anyone prior—better than any shrink or counselor.

He knew about my relationship with my parents. He described the kind of work I’d be most happy doing. And he discussed my future as confidently as if he were unpeeling a fruit and handing it to me to eat.

Listening to a stranger narrate my life’s story with so much intimate knowledge made me feel awkwardly exposed. Yet I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed. Instead, I felt authenticated. It was an entirely new feeling for me.

Someone, finally, spoke out who I am.

Jyotisha’s Spooky Accuracy

Then he hit on my life’s most pivotal...

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