As a fellow traveler on the path, I invite you to share in my stories and adventures for your inspiration.

Never Regret Saying, "Yes."

There’s one thing  I’ve never regretted in my life, saying “Yes.” Even when I was scared. Even when my rational mind tried to talk me out of it. Even when friends and loved ones were worried about my decisions.

Most people when they hear what I did as a teenager alone in Nepal, think I was crazy for saying “Yes.”

A Profound Experience

I was taking Nepali language classes in Kathmandu when my teacher asked me to go for a taxi ride with him - along with all my luggage. I said, “Yes,” and it changed my life. Instead of putting me in danger, it put me on my life path.

That taxi ride delivered me to the home of a Vedic priest and his family. Within their home, I heard the Vedas chanted for the first time.

It happened at 3:00 a.m. when I was suddenly awakened by something I’d never heard before - two voices chanting together in a strange tongue. As I lay in bed listening to the soothing rhythm, I had a profound experience of being...

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Your Power as a Yogi

sanskrit vedas yoga Aug 05, 2016

I once discovered the real benefit of a daily yoga practice while sequestered in Didholi, a remote Indian village along the banks of the Narmada River. Officially I was there to conduct my doctoral dissertation research, but really I was on an inner quest of self-discovery.

I was staying with Nani (my best friend’s grandmother) where I shared a bed with five other women, bathed at 4 a.m. in the river with the rest of the villagers, and helped milk the cow for my morning chai.

Privacy was a luxury I had to sacrifice—until I discovered an abandoned storeroom, which was a perfect sanctuary for my morning yoga and meditation practice. No one could bug me in there.

Before anyone stirred awake from sleep, I slipped out from under the leaden arm of one of my bed mates, tip-toed to my private refuge and unfurled my yoga mat. Swooping my arms above my head, I relished the flow of each breath as I invoked the sun in my body.

Alone with myself at last, I really missed being an...

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