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How Vedic Astrology Can Change Your Life

Once I went to a Vedic astrologer when I first began college. Of the many things he told me, one point stood out. He said, “You’ll never be happy in any profession you choose.”

I felt devastated. Every time I attempted to decide upon a career his words haunted me. I repeated again and again in my mind, “I’ll never be happy. I’ll never be happy.”

The astrologer’s words had habituated my thinking.

Moreover, his reading of my destiny conditioned how I perceived my life’s purpose. It had colored the way I saw my place in the world.

Anyone else could have told me the same thing and it wouldn’t have affected me like that. There was something about the context of having my chart read that shifted the way I perceived my life purpose. His interpretation literally altered the way I thought, spoke and acted from that moment on.

It was that powerful.

I realized that Vedic Astrology is not just an objective “reading” of my...

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