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Begin your Sanskrit studies. Get your copy of Dr. Katy Jane's new book, Awakening with Sanskrit! Be inspired by her stories on the spiritual path & wisdom from the Vedic tradition...and learn how chanting Sanskrit can elevate your yoga & meditation practice.

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Discover how Sanskrit is a sadhana (spiritual practice), how it relates to the ancient Veda (& modern science), & how chanting can heal your body/mind while elevating your consciousness. Enjoy 10 MP3 illuminating talks on Sanskrit by Dr. Katy Jane.

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Learn to read & recite the Sanskrit alphabet as a visual meditation. Pronounce and recognize the Sanskrit letters in the devanagari script. Master the first step in Sanskrit chanting with 3 interactive videos.

"Dr. Katy Jane has brought to life the language of the divine beings. This book is inspirational and contagious; it invites one to move from sound towards silence. The reader might experience the presence of divine fragrance and the dance of shakti while going through this beautiful pilgrimage that the book promises."

~ Indu Arora
Author of Yoga: Ancient Heritage, Tomorrow’s Vision

"Dr. Katy Jane knowledgeably and passionately explains that Sanskrit is a living technology that can lead yoga practitioners to higher states of consciousness and equanimity…and reveals that reciting the sounds of Sanskrit is an integral part of yoga practice. Reading this book in conjunction with using her series of learning products will add so much to everyone’s quest for growth, healing and awakening. "

~ Dr. Marcy Braverman Goldstein
Sanskrit scholar & creator of Sanskrit Revolution

"In merging Eastern mystical technology & practical methods for yoga practitioners, Dr. Katy Jane is one of the planet's most valuable teachers. Awakening with Sanskrit is an intelligent and practical book for beginning to dive into the vast ocean of Sanskrit. "

~ Katie Silcox
New York Times Best-Selling Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Women

"Combining stories from her life's journey with an inspiring foray into the majesty of the Sanskrit language, Dr. Katy Jane skillfully outlines a path of transformation through sacred sound that anyone can take."

~ Christina Frosolono Sell
Author of A Deeper Yoga: Beyond Image to Wholeness & Freedom

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Enjoy the inspiring stories and fascinating knowledge about Sanskrit as sacred sound in Dr. Katy Jane's new book, Awakening with Sanskrit. AND...Start your practice of Sanskrit chanting by joining the Awakening with Sanskrit Pronunciation Course.

STEP ONE: Get Dr. Katy's New Book, Awakening with Sanskrit


Awakening with Sanskrit provides an easy introduction to what's often a complicated subject.

Combining stories from her own yoga journey, Dr. Katy Jane outlines a path of transformation through sacred sound that anyone can take.

Whether you're a new or experienced yoga practitioner, you'll find a captivating story as well as practical tools to awaken and heal your subtle nervous system and advance your yoga practice.

Get Your Copy of Awakening with Sanskrit Now

STEP TWO: JOIN the Awakening with Sanskrit Pronunciation Course


  • 10 video classes with downloadable recordings on essential, foundational knowledge about Sanskrit for yoga practitioners.
  • 10 page Sanskrit Pronunciation Guidebook (PDF) as a helpful "cheat-sheet" for reading and pronouncing Sanskrit.
  • 3 Instructional Visual Mediations for Reading & Reciting the Sanskrit Alphabet in the Devanagari script.
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