Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery

Online Immersions in mantra yoga

W I T H   D R.   K A T Y   J A N E

Breath   –   Body   –   Mind   –   Consciousness

“The union of the mind with pure sound is the highest form of yoga.”

— H A T H A   Y O G A   P R A D I P I K A

I provide Continuing Education training for yoga teachers and practitioners in Sanskrit for Yogis as well as in-depth chanting immersions in the Śrī Vidyā Goddess traditions, Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras, & the Vedas. 


In addition, I provide professional-level training in Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) for those who wish to learn this enlightening healing modality of Life Insight for personal upliftment & in service of others.
(Life Insight Mastery Immersion coming soon…)

Awakening with Sanskrit Pronunciation Course


2 Week Course

(11 lectures of 10-15 mins, 3 guided video meditations
& PDF guidebook)

 This is my “entry level” course that provides yoga practitioners an easy way to read and pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet as a guided visual meditation. It also teaches the philosophical basis for Sanskrit as the living language of yoga and not a dead, classical academic language. It’s an experiential and beginning immersion in the yoga of sacred sound.

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Sanskrit for Yogis:
Introduction to Nāda, the Yoga of Sacred Sound

10 Week Course

(7 Lesson Modules: 10 hours interactive Video Instruction, 40 Instructional & Practice MP3 audios, Practice Worksheets & PDFs…plus Bonus MP3 Lectures & Instructions on the Vedas)

This is my foundational course that’s a pre-requisite for my more advanced Sanskrit classes. Sanskrit for Yogis is an in-depth immersion into the Vedic roots of the language of yoga and gives a thorough education in the art of Vedic Phonetics (Sanskrit Pronunciation), Reading & Writing Devanāgarī (and IAST transliteration), Sanskrit & Subtle Nervous System “Fluency” for Healing, & the Preliminary Rules and Instruction in Vedic chanting as adhyāyānam—the authentic, traditional method of learning Sanskrit as a technology for awakening higher states of consciousness. (Students can earn 10 non-contact hours with Yoga Alliance & complete the first step toward becoming a Sanskrit for Yogis Instructor.)

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Yoga Sutras Masterclasses

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is the most important classical text that’s a “must” for all serious yoga practitioners and teachers to read, understand and apply to your practice and teaching. As such, there are many translations available, but none of them treat the Yoga Sutras as a living embodiment of knowledge. Most translators regard this text as a work of dry philosophy.

The Yoga Sutras Masterclasses approaches Patanjali’s teachings of yoga as a living scripture that is enlivened in your consciousness through chanting the sutras in Sanskrit according to the Vedic method. Through call and response chanting of the sutras, I lead students to feel the meaning within the arrangement of the Sanskrit syllables. And through that direct experience, I offer comprehensive translation and interpretation of the first chapter and its subject: samadhi (enlightenment).


10 Week Course

7 hours of Translation & Commentary MP3s

7 Pronunciation Instructional & Practice MP3s 

7 Vedic Chanting of Sūtras Instructional & Practice MP3s

10 Week Course

14 hours of Translation & Commentary MP3s

7 Pronunciation Instruction & Practice MP3s

7 Vedic Chanting of Sutras Instruction & Practice MP3s

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Chanting the Lalita Sahasranama (1000 Names of Goddess)

10 Week Course

25 Lessons (8 Video Lectures & Guided Chanting Instruction, 13 Instructional & Practice MP3s, PDF Chanting Guidebook & step-by-step Video Initiation in preliminary Śrī Vidyā practices)

The Lalitā Sahasranāma (“1000 Names of the Divine Mother”) is a Sanskrit chant that replicates the entire universe in sound form. To chant these names, therefore, is to attune your nervous system to the primal forces at play in the universe—and to awaken the divine qualities of the Goddess within you.

Chanting the “1000 Names of the Divine Mother” daily profoundly heals all grief and emotional pain. Its beautiful sounds attract material well-being and fulfillment. And within the meaning of each name, one attains transformational wisdom. At the end of this immersion, you’ll gain a new tool to cleanse your mind & emotions, deepen your devotion and enliven your nervous system for higher states of meditation…while gaining the necessary foundation to moving on to the Part 2 Chanting Lalitā Sahasranāma (to be announced soon…)

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