Free Vedic Astrology Course

The Healing Light of Jyotisha

Hosted by Dr. Katy Jane
Sanskrit & Vedic Scholar, Jyotishi

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The word “astrology” is misleading as we tend to think of astrology as fortune-telling, superstition or even fatalism.

Jyotisha enlightens you to the part of our psychology that often results in a diseased mind: your self-perception. 

In this introductory course on the healing science of Vedic astrology, you’ll be first introduced to its place in the vedāṅgas, the limbs of Vedic knowledge, as the “Eye of the Veda,” or that which allows you to perceive from your enlightened self.

Next, you’ll be shown the essential landscape of your natal chart and how it relates to all aspects of yourself—from your body type to your emotional temperament to the way you think. 

Finally, you’ll learn the most essential and powerful contribution Vedic knowledge has made to the world—how you are connected to the universe and how it unfolds as your highest life’s purpose.

At the end of the course, you’ll walk away with a foundation through which to approach deeper studies of Jyotiṣa and its connection to Ayurveda by discovering how Jyotiṣa:

  • Fits in the entire wholistic system of the Vedas
  • Functions as a healing modality and
  • Best applies to your own life and self-development.
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