“The light of a lamp once lit changes the darkness forever.”

Coaching with Jyotisha, Vedic Astrology

The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life

Have you ever wondered if there was a reason you were born? Have you ever had a dream that just won’t go away? Have you ever tried to live up to someone else’s expectations and failed miserably?

If you have, then you’re well on your way to discovering you.

Knowing who you are and why you are here is the greatest opportunity of your life.

This is why the Tibetan Buddhists describe human birth as “precious.” It’s your precious mission to live in alignment with your highest life’s purpose and find your place in the universe.

Vedic Astrology provides the life insight you need to be more of who you came here to be

Let your Life Blossom

Vedic Astrology Life Insight awakens something very powerful within you: Your Self Perception. Often we try to conform with what others think is a valuable life.

But when you see your unique gifts and talents you recognize your most authentic sense of self. When you see yourself in your highest light, your thoughts, speech and actions all align with it. And your life blossoms.

Fulfill Your Destiny

Vedic Astrology Life Insight describes 27 unique life destinies… one of which is yours. Whereas astrophysics declares we’re all the stuff of stardust, Vedic Astrology takes it a step further. Not only do we inherit our bodies from the stars, but our minds, emotions and complete psychology as well.

Each of the 27 star constellations reflects a set of characteristics, core competencies, vocational aptitudes, emotional patterns, and more.

Knowing your star is to know your life destiny. And when you know the path you’re meant to walk, it’s easy to fulfill your destiny.

Discover Your Highest Life’s Purpose

At the exact time and location you were born, something amazing was happening: Your life path was laid out in front of you. You were imprinted with a set of qualities, talents and abilities to accomplish your life’s highest purpose.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what it is?

Take the next step – book a Life Insight Session with me now. Feeling uncertain? Take a look at all of the incredible reviews from my previous clients, and let’s start making some big shifts together.

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"I just want to say that meeting with Dr. Katy Jane was transformational for me. She inspired me to make the necessary changes in my life so that I can pursue my dream and life passion. Already, I have taken a drastic step in the right direction and I feel closer to my vision; Like my ultimate life goal is more tangible already!"

Tali Razon

"My recent astrology session with Dr. Katy Jane provided me with clear insight and validation on my past, present and future. She spoke in a way that was both educational and easy to follow. I gained the insight needed to remember who I am. Now it’s time to channel my ambition and right the course of my future."

Chelsea Joan Beliveau

"Every time I speak with Dr. Katy Jane I am inspired to live my life more fully. I gain tremendous insight into my life and the subtle nuances that make all the difference in how I approach my place in the world."

Jenny Gumm, Ph.D.

"I had my second session with Dr. Katy Jane. It was absolutely cathartic! I was particularly interested in exploring my vocation, that is, my dharma…what am I uniquely meant to offer in this life. Dr. Katy has an amazing capacity to see into someone’s soul journey, like x-ray vision. She accurately reflected back to me who I am and what I have to offer—while helping me see my blind spots and challenge areas. It was so spot on and as a result I feel very empowered."

Annie Barrett

"Dr. Katy Jane’s reading was right on! She helped me awaken to a whole new level of understanding. I felt inspired, understood and confident on many levels. She was able to explain many things to me in order to help me find my path and purpose. Dr. Katy is gentle and compassionate. I will recommend her to all my friends!"

Callae Gedrose

"I recently had the pleasure of a having my chart read by Dr. Katy Jane. What a great experience! I can see how I’m built—my strengths and weaknesses—and how I can grow personally and professionally. I highly recommend this to anyone who might be feeling stuck or anyone wanting to move out of their comfort zone. Thank you, Dr. Katy!"

Douglas Major

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