Imagine being able to "peek behind the curtain" and really understand
why the people in your life are the way they are...
but more importantly why you are who you are.

Dive in

Have you wondered if there was a reason you were born?

Have you tried to live your life to someone else’s expectations?

Have you had a dream that just won’t go away?

At the exact time and location you were born, something amazing was happening:

Your life path was laid out in front of you.

You were imprinted with a set of qualities, talents and abilities to accomplish your life’s highest purpose.


“The first preliminary practice consists of recognizing and giving value
in its right measure to the precious human existence
and the extraordinary opportunity that it gives to us to
practice Dharma and to develop spiritually.”
~ Kalu Rinpoche – Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism


This is why the Tibetan Buddhists describe human birth as “precious.”

It’s your precious mission to live in alignment with your highest life’s purpose
and find your place in the universe.

According to the Vedas, you are the source of all knowledge.
To know your holy place in the universe, you have to look within. 

Knowing who you are and why you are here
is the greatest opportunity of your life.

Find out who you need to be more of and who you came here to be

Vedic Astrology Life Insight awakens something very powerful within you: Your Self Perception.

Often we try to conform with what others think is a valuable life. But when you see your unique gifts and talents you recognize your most authentic sense of self.

And when you see yourself in your highest light, your thoughts, speech and actions all align with it and your life blossoms.

Fulfill Your Destiny

Whereas astrophysics declares we’re all the stuff of stardust, Vedic Astrology takes it a step further.

Not only do we inherit our bodies from the stars, but our minds, emotions and complete psychology as well. Each of the 27 star constellations reflects a set of characteristics, core competencies, vocational aptitudes, emotional patterns, and more.

Knowing your star is to know your life destiny.

And when you know the path you’re meant to walk, it’s easy to fulfill your destiny.

Ready to discover your destiny?


Yes, I am ready

Discover Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) and find out how you're imprinted:
your patterns of destiny, and the purpose of your soul.

LEARN how the signs, symbols, and qualities of planets, stars and zodiacal signs connect to your life’s patterns

DISCOVER your planetary ruler and how that determines the role you play in life

DIVE DEEP into the 12 essential personality types and understand the life purpose of each

DEVELOP intuitive skills & beginning reading Vedic astrological natal charts to make sense of your life’s pattern and those you serve in your healing practice

Gain truly life-changing knowledge that will improve your relationships—beginning with your Self. 

Here's the Journey You'll About to Take:

Part One—Foundations in Jyotisha

  • Discover the hidden secrets of the Vedic zodiac and how it reveals the "myth you live by" (your patterns, life story & reason for your birth).
  • Explore the planets, signs and houses and how they translate into your “story” and more.
  • Start to get answers as to why you are the way you are and how to align with your highest and best self.


Part Two—The 27 Lunar Constellations of Vedic Astrology

  • Build on this knowledge and gain insight into the 27 unique personality archetypes, their core qualities and powers, and how they best express their highest purpose in life.
  • Discover the connection between the Moon, the 27 star constellations of the Vedic zodiac, and the imprint they make on your personality. You'll be blown away at how the light of the stars lives within you as your best qualities and personal abilities...while being introduced to the world's oldest "divine feminine" system of astrology.
  • Gain insight into both yourself and the people in your life—while beginning to develop healing skills in Vedic astrology.


Part Three—Yogas, Karma and the Right Timing in Vedic Astrology

  • Discover the timing of karma according to specific planetary periods (dashas) and understand why you went through what you experienced at certain times in your life...and what you can expect to unfold in your future.
  • Uncover the secret to your life's biggest lessons, heal from past trauma and align your decisions with the best outcome for the future through learning about the planetary periods (dashas).
  • Gain insight into the 5 aspects (panchangam) of "right timing" (muhurta) and align your actions with the best possible outcome in all your life's most important events.


Yes, I'm ready to enroll!
Vedic Astrology isn’t fortune-telling, superstition, or fatalism.

It’s self-empowerment that cultures the deepest and most influential part of your psychology:

your self-perception.

The Life Insight Mastery Class instructs you in how you're imprinted—psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually—to enlighten you to the pattern of your destiny and the purpose of your soul.

Yes, I'm ready to enroll!

Each course making up the complete Life Insight Mastery Self-Study Program is comprehensive
- yet easy, fun and endlessly fascinating.

  • Through informative video lectures, easy-to-follow presentations, step-by-step guidance, you’ll be introduced to the system of Vedic Astrology to help you make sense of your patterns (and those close to you) for better choices and self-empowerment.
  • You'll be guided step-by-step with profound and inspiring recorded lectures by Dr. Katy Jane, easy to follow video presentations, and guided meditation & Sanskrit chanting practices to develop your intuition and "chart reading" abilities.
  • You'll discover the “complete picture” of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) as a powerful healing tool that you can apply to your own life—or develop your own professional counseling and healing practice.
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And I’ll be with you every step of the way

Every month I’ll hold a Q&A to answer your questions and provide guidance based on my extensive experience as a professional Vedic Astrologer and life insight guide for the past 20 years. I’ll help you make sense of the concepts and teach you to read Vedic astrological charts on your own.

And you'll be a student for life.

You can keep coming back again and again to review the course content, each time learning something new.
It's a wonderful journey that continues with Dr. Katy Jane's personal and supportive guidance.


Here is what other students are saying...

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"I loved learning Jyotisha from Dr. Katy Jane because she brings such spiritual depth and passion to the topic and she is so very well versed in it. I was really able to see how Jyotisha is a path to healing and to discovering one’s purpose in life, and I have much more compassion for other humans after seeing how our nature and personality are really revealed in our chart.

The course really helped me identify and validate my own mission in life and helped me with healing some family issues, merely by seeing them reflected in my chart and knowing it is the way it is supposed to be for my evolution." 
~ Jennifer J.

"The Life Insight Mastery Courses have given me more than I could have dreamed for in regards to perceiving life. Dr. Katy Jane makes it super easy to understand.

The way she chunks the information makes it to where I can really absorb bite sized information. Her examples solidify my comprehension.

My favorite aspect of Katy and her teaching style is that she helps me to see that Jyotisha is a healing art." ~ Chrystal R.

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"The shakti of illumination that she brings to this vast and relevant body of knowledge is akin to receiving an initiation. I have studied Tantra and Veda with renowned teachers but none bring the vitality and grounded healing potential that Dr Katy Jane does.

If you have the chance to study with her, take it." ~ Neva I.

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The Life Insight Mastery
Complete Self-Study Program


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Receive access to all 3 courses that make up the complete Life Insight Mastery Program with Dr. Katy Jane

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  • Easy-to-follow Video Presentations
  • Step-by-Step Instruction to Read Charts
  • Guided Practices to Develop Intuition
  • Evergreen, Self-Led Online Course
  • Facebook Community of Fellow Students
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of Completion for 250 hours in Vedic Astrology
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Expand your intuitive skills and translate them as meaningful, insightful and healing interpretations of Vedic astrological charts.

Whether your goal is your own personal enlightenment or to help others align with their highest life's purpose as a professional Vedic astrologer, you'll receive everything you need.

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