Life Insight Mastery
Foundations in Vedic Astrology

A 10-Week Online Immersion with Dr. Katy Jane to gain all the essential knowledge & skills to begin to read Vedic Astrological practices to awaken your inner jyoti (intuition).

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Open Your Eye of Wisdom

Imagine being able to "peek behind the curtain" and really understand why the people in your life are the way they are...but more importantly why you are who you are.

Once Socrates asked each initiate who entered the sacred temple in ancient Greece to “know thyself.”

He was right.

To know your holy place in the universe, you have to look within. According to the Vedas, you are the source of all knowledge.

Join Dr. Katy Jane in a Deep Online Immersion in Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) and discover how you're imprinted, the patterns of destiny, and the purpose of your soul.

In 10 Content-Rich Lesson Modules you’ll:

* Learn how the signs, symbols, and qualities of planets, stars and zodiacal signs connect to your life’s patterns;

* Discover your planetary ruler and how that determines the role you play in life;

* Investigate the 12 essential personality types and understand the life purpose of each;

*Identify your "Seat of Power" & map the "houses" of the astrological chart to areas of your life;

AND Receive Guidance in developing intuitive skills & reading beginning Vedic astrological natal charts to make sense of your life’s pattern and those you serve in your healing practice.

Here's the Journey You'll Take...

WEEK 1: Discovering Jyotisha as Life Insight- You'll begin your studies of Vedic Astrology with the enlightened philosophy of the Vedas and its theory of the "unified field."

WEEK 2: Kindling the Inner Light of Consciousness -You'll explore the connection between human psychology and the planets & stars.

WEEK 3: Opening the Eye of Wisdom - You'll discover how Jyotisha serves as a healing modality & how perspective aligns your thoughts, speech, and actions with your life’s highest purpose.

WEEK 4: Entering the Amazing Universe - You'll investigate the astronomy of the Vedic zodiac and how to calculate your Vedic natal chart.

WEEK 5: Seeing and Knowing Astrologically - You'll develop skills in the art of interpretation by looking for meaning in signs, symbols, omens, and recurrences.

WEEK 6: Identifying Your Planetary Ruler - You'll be introduced to the myths, symbols, and qualities of the 9 planets to identify your heroic archetype—the role you’re born to play.

WEEK 7: Discerning the 12 Personality Types - You'll learn how the 12 signs of the Vedic Zodiac correlate with the 12 “types” of people and how best to relate to them.

WEEK 8: Identifying Your Seat of Power- You'll gain a framework for connecting the 12 houses of the natal chart to your life's highest destiny.

WEEK 9: Putting It Together (Beginning Natal Chart Analysis) - You'll gain a system to put all three parts together (planets, signs & houses) to create meaningful interpretations of the Vedic astrological chart.

WEEK 10: Reading Your Own Chart for Meaning and Purpose - At the end of the course, you now can begin to interpret Vedic astrological charts.

Enter the Universe in You

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the Sky speaks to you. ~ Dane Rudhyar

It usually happens at 3:00 am. You wake with an anxious realization: “I’m in a pattern!”


The same relationships keep coming to you…and ending the same way. Your family dynamics never change. You’re in a rut in your career. And no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to achieve what your gut is telling you you’re here for.


You know you’re destined for something—anything—better than what keeps happening to you over and over again.


And you wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”


Relax…it has nothing to do with what you’re doing, but everything to do with how you’re seeing your life’s highest possibilities. Because as the old adage goes, “Seeing is not only believing, but achieving.”


This is why I created The Life Insight Mastery Class: A 10 week Online Immersion in Vedic Astrology, to teach you the language of your pattern—as it was arrayed in the planets and stars at the time of your birth—so you can see and achieve the highest potential it offers you.


Through informative video lectures, easy-to-follow presentations, step-by-step guidance and optional personal instruction—you’ll be introduced to the system of Vedic Astrology to help you make sense of your patterns (and those close to you) for better choices and self-empowerment. 


Vedic Astrology isn’t fortune-telling, superstition, or fatalism. It’s self-empowerment that cultures the deepest and most influential part of your psychology—your self-perception.


The Life Insight Mastery Class instructs you in how you're imprinted—psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually—to enlighten you to the pattern of your destiny and the purpose of your soul.


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Our Students Share Their Experiences...

"I'm always looking for "the answers" in life, and Dr. Katy Jane’s Life Insight Mastery Class has profoundly helped guide me toward them. Her method of teaching takes something very complicated, and makes it very easy to understand. Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) as life insight has positively changed my life in ways that were previously unimaginable to me.

Dr. Katy's vast knowledge and her ability to convey it in an interesting and energizing way astounds me. Anyone who takes her Life Insight Mastery Program will be intrigued, entertained, and thirsty for more truth."

 ~ Candace K., Colorado Springs, CO


"The Life Insight Mastery Class was amazing!  It’s a really interesting way to look at the universe and see the way people’s lives unfold. I like Dr. Katy Jane’s approach to use Vedic Astrology to lift people up, and there’s a very real spiritual focus that’s not inherent in other approaches to Vedic Astrology. I really like what she brings to it—it’s very inspiring!

I feel lucky to have taken the program remotely from California. I could take the classes when I had time, listen to them on my iPhone while hiking, driving, or repeating sections with my notes there. And, I feel that I still got the full oral transmission that’s so great about all of  Dr. Katy Jane’s classes!"

 ~ Christie H., Creste Butte, CO


"I look at life from an entirely different perspective as a result of the sacred knowledge that was passed on to me in the Life Insight Mastery Class. I learned about myself and others in a profoundly healing and elevated way. I use this knowledge every day of my life and continue to be devoted to my studies.

The Life Insight Mastery Class changed my life!  I’m forever grateful."

Siri Karam, Telluride, CO

Blow Your Mind.
Expand Your Vision.
Enlighten Your Perspective.

You don't want to miss this rare opportunity to gain truly life-changing knowledge that will improve your relationships—beginning with your Self.

In just 10 self-paced, informative & brief lessons, you’ll:

LEARN how the signs, symbols, and qualities of planets, stars and zodiacal signs connect to your life’s patterns;

DISCOVER your planetary ruler and how that determines the role you play in life;

DIVE DEEP into the 12 essential personality types and understand the life purpose of each;

AND RECEIVE GUIDANCE in reading basic Vedic astrological natal charts to make sense of your life’s pattern and those you serve in your healing practice.

PLUS if you're really motivated to learn...You can choose a more in-depth course of study with personal guidance from Dr. Katy Jane & receive feedback on 4 of your own natal chart readings!

In an easy-to-follow and fun ONLINE EVERGREEN LEARNING PLATFORM, you’ll receive:

Fascinating video and slide presentations instructing you in the core knowledge of Vedic Astrology;

Entertaining exercises that help you read your astrological chart (and those of your friends & family;

Guided insight meditation practices and wisdom teachings to develop your intuition;

AND 4 follow-up BONUS MP3 teleconference recordings with personal advice & guidance from Dr. Katy Jane.

JOIN Today and Receive Special 50% off Tuition (This course is "evergreen," which means you can learn on your own time, but the special pricing lasts only until MIDNIGHT January 19, 2020!)

Here's What You'll Receive When You Enroll in Life Insight Mastery: Foundations in Jyotisha

You can choose from 2 options for study:
1.) A Self-led and Self-Paced Course Package or;
2.) Personal Guidance Package with Dr. Katy Jane

Both packages give you a lifetime access to the Life Insight Mastery Online Course Platform and all its updates. You can learn at your own pace and continue to return to the lessons over and over again.


Foundations in Jyotisha Self-Guided Online Course Course Package


Receive Access to The Life Insight Mastery: Foundations in Jyotisha Online Course with Dr. Katy Jane

  • 10 Content-Rich Lesson Modules
  • Engaging Video Presentations
  • Step-by-Step Instruction in Reading Beginning Vedic Astrological Charts
  • Guided Practices to Develop Intuition
  • Evergreen, Self-Led Online Course

Plus 4 BONUS MP3 Audio Classes to supplement your lessons.

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Foundations in Jyotisha Online Course & Personal Guidance Package with Dr. Katy Jane


  • Enrollment in Life Insight Mastery: Foundations in Jyotisha Online Course
  • Personal Feedback on 4 of Your Beginning Natal Readings via 4 one hour MP3 Recordings by Dr. Katy Jane
  • Video Instruction in Using Professional Vedic Astrology Software
  • Inside Tips & Guidance on Reading Natal Charts

*Note: This offer is valid for 6 months. This offer does not include purchase of professional Vedic Astrology software.

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