The Moon:

Your Mind, Your Soul and Your Inner Goddess

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Sanskrit & Vedic Scholar, Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer)


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Have you ever noticed that your feelings change
throughout the month?  


Sometimes you can feel really intense—making it difficult to sleep. And other times you just can’t get going. Some days you’re bursting with creativity, others you just want to sit and cry.

Or perhaps you’ve noticed there’s a timing to the events in your life…that they seem to follow a pattern beyond anything you can do to change it.

And maybe you’ve observed that each day has a particular message to help align you with its best possible outcome.

It’s because of the Moon.

The movements of the earth’s lunar orbit are intimately related with your emotions. Where the Moon sat in the sky at your birth unfolds the karmic pattern of your life. And the Moon communicates the wisdom messages of the stars directly to your soul every day as it moves along the Vedic zodiac.

Join Dr. Katy Jane in a free, in-depth masterclass recording exploring the Moon in Vedic Astrology.
At the end of the fun and fascinating discussion, you’ll:

  • Learn about the relationship of the Moon to reincarnation, karma and your repetitive life pattern;
  • Uncover the secret power of your emotions in alignment with the Moon’s cycles and; 
  • Discover life-giving wisdom channeled from the goddess stars to the Moon to your soul.


The Moon:
Your Mind, Your Soul
and Your Inner Goddess

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