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Life Insight Mastery: Foundations in Jyotisha

($697 $397 USD)

In just 10 lessons, you’ll:

  • Learn how the signs, symbols, and qualities of planets, stars and zodiacal signs connect to your life’s patterns
  • Discover your planetary ruler and how that determines the role you play in life
  • Dive deep into the 12 essential personality types and understand the life purpose of each
  • AND receive guidance in reading basic Vedic astrological natal charts to make sense of your life’s pattern and those you serve in your healing practice.

In an easy-to-follow and fun online learning platform, you’ll receive:

  • Fascinating video and slide presentations instructing you in the core knowledge of Vedic Astrology;
  • Entertaining exercises that help you read your astrological chart (and those of your friends & family;
  • Guided insight meditation practices and wisdom teachings to develop your intuition;
  • AND 4 follow-up MP3 teleconference recordings with personal advice & guidance from Dr. Katy Jane.

What People Are Saying:

I look at life from an entirely different perspective as a result of the sacred knowledge that was passed on to me in the Life Insight Mastery Class. I learned about myself and others in a profoundly healing and elevated way. I use this knowledge every day of my life and continue to be devoted to my studies. The Life Insight Mastery Class changed my life! I’m forever grateful…"

Siri Karam

"The Life Insight Mastery Class was amazing! It’s a really interesting way to look at the universe and see the way people’s lives unfold. I like Dr. Katy Jane’s approach to use Vedic Astrology to lift people up, and there’s a very real spiritual focus that’s not inherent in other approaches to Vedic Astrology. I really like what she brings to it—it’s very inspiring!" I feel lucky to have taken the program remotely from California. I could take the classes when I had time, listen to them on my iPhone while hiking, driving, or repeating sections with my notes there. And, I feel that I still got the full oral transmission that’s so great about all of Dr. Katy Jane’s classes!

Christie Hicks

"I'm always looking for "the answers" in life, and Dr. Katy Jane’s Life Insight Mastery Class has profoundly helped guide me toward them. Her method of teaching takes something very complicated, and makes it very easy to understand. Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) as life insight has positively changed my life in ways that were previously unimaginable to me." Dr. Katy's vast knowledge and her ability to convey it in an interesting and energizing way astounds me. Anyone who takes her Life Insight Mastery Program will be intrigued, entertained, and thirsty for more truth.

Candace Kirchner