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The Path of Love: Lalitā - Navaratri Sanskrit Chanting Immersion

Join Dr. Katy Jane—Śrī Vidyā practitioner & Sanskrit scholar—in a deep online exploration of the the Lalita Sahasranama. In this 10-lesson immersion in chanting the 1000 Names, you’ll receive instruction & guided practice (video & MP3 audio) in the:

  • Important contextual knowledge regarding the history & practices of Śrī Vidyā
  • Preliminary invocatioins (saṅkalpa);
  • "Installing" practices (aṅga & kara nyāsa);
  • Invocation of 5 elements & cakra blessing (pañca bhūta pūjā);

In addition, Dr. Katy will lead you in call & response instruction—as well as the meaning of the 1000 names of Lalitā—so that you can begin to practice chanting them on your own. (You'll be provided with MP3 recordings to download for practice.) 

Next, Dr. Katy will teach you to chant the nāmāvali, which is the "offering of the names," and its application in worshipping the Goddess. (You'll also be provided with MP3 practice audios.)

Finally, Dr. Katy will instruct you in the "sealing practices" (mudrā) with which you complete the chanting of the names.

At the end of the immersion, you’ll gain:

  • A beautiful new daily practice to cleanse your mind & emotions;
  • A tool to deepen your devotion and;
  • A way to awaken & enliven your nervous system for higher states of meditation. 

What People Are Saying:

“At the end of chanting the Lalitā Sahasranāma, I opened my eyes and the objects in the room seemed to welcome me, and it was obvious that consciousness permeates all things. As I looked around, my energy became centered in my forehead and everything I rested my gaze upon gave me a sensation as if it were kissing my eyes. I felt a natural inclination to prostrate and pray.”

L.S., Anchorage, Alaska (Registered Nurse & Yoga Teacher)

“I've been chanting the Lalitā Sahasranāma for 3 months and both Dr. Katy's class and the chant has deepened my understanding of the Divine Feminine and changed the way I practice yoga. It’s amazing how much softer and accepting I’ve become. I downloaded the MP3 practice recordings and then have them randomly come up in my music play. So while I am working (or doing anything else) Dr. Katy will come on chanting these mantras and – you know – it’s so musical it fits right in, and the Sanskrit is seeping into the fabric of my life.”

F.J., Oakland, CA (Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher)

"I loved learning the art of invoking the Divine Feminine with this ancient chant. I especially notice how the Sanskrit vibrations and tones can affect the way we feel, and how learning this chant is more about cultivating deep inner feeling, that I found to cultivate inner peace and healing.

J.F., Yoga Teacher (Boulder, CO)