Discover your soul’s purpose in the heart of India


Have you ever wished you had the time and space to figure out what your life is really all about?

Do you long to disconnect from your devices and tune-in to your own life’s rhythms?

Are you in need of some serious soul-searching and rejuvenation of your spirit?

Most of all, have you always wanted to visit India but felt you’d like someone to guide you from the inside…not just as a tourist, but as a pilgrim and seeker?

Then join Dr. Katy for an intimate, transformative retreat in India’s holy Himalayas.

Plan a soul-searching vision quest at Dunagiri Retreat in India with Dr. Katy Jane and investigate your highest life’s purpose. And discover for yourself why yogis have journeyed to the Himalayas for ages to replenish the spirit, connect with the Divine, and enlighten the Self.

You will too. And best of all, you don’t have to figure out how.

As a Sanskrit scholar, expert on the religions and cultures of India and a Vedic Astrologer, Dr. Katy will guide your retreat, help you read your soul map with Vedic Astrology, and lead your daily meditation & yoga practice. Plus all of your travel within India, including your New Delhi hotel and local site-seeing program will be arranged for you from New Delhi to Dunagiri Retreat and back again.

So you can do what you came here to do: Discover your soul’s purpose within the heart of India far from crowds and tourist traps.

I’ll be announcing my next retreat soon. SIgn up below and I’ll keep you up to date as details are announced for the upcoming retreat!


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