Sanskrit for Yogis

Receive the traditional Vedic teacher-to-student transmission of Sanskrit, the yoga of sacred sound...and take your yoga practice to the next level.

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Join Dr. Katy Jane for a Deep Immersion in Nāda, the Yoga of Sacred Sound

Benefit from personal instruction in Sanskrit as a sādhana (spiritual practice) by a traditionally trained Vedic Sanskrit scholar & yoga practitioner.

In 7 in-depth class modules within a rich online course platform—receive hours of intimate Video Instruction, Instructional & Practice MP3 audios (that are fun & enjoyable to listen to anywhere), PDF Follow-Along Guides (to accompany each lesson), & hours of inspiring and mind-bending BONUS lectures on the Vedas(to keep your practice inspired and aligned with the deep roots of yoga.

You'll gain a powerful new practice to heal your body-mind & enable effortless and transformative meditation. You'll open your voice of power with Vedic chanting in Sanskrit & gain fluency with the subtle channels of energy within your nervous system—leading to greater sensitivity, intuition & higher states of intelligence.

When you become a Sanskrit for Yogis student, you're a student for life. You'll automatically receive enrollment in all the latest updates of the course—so you can keep coming back again and again to this foundational practice at the basis of all Vedic traditions of enlightenment.

Sanskrit for Body

You'll learn the anatomy of precise Sanskrit pronunciation & how to tap into the "store-houses" of prāṇa within each of the 50 syllables. And in the 4 patterns of chanting, you'll heal & awaken your subtle nervous system.

Sanskrit for Mind

You'll experience how the Sanskrit vowels connect to your emotions & thoughts—aligning both with the phases of the moon and lunar cycles. You'll learn how the 5 regions of speech serve as a bridge to the structures of your subtle anatomy & the 5 species in nature.

Sanskrit for Spirit

You'll be introduced to the practice of Vedic chanting (according to its 6 rules) and how each rule floods the 6 cakras with life-restoring prāṇa. And you'll find by chanting according to 3 "tones" lead to the 4th state of consciousness, samādhi. 

Here's What You'll Receive When You Enroll in Sanskrit for Yogis:

1.) Guided & Detailed Instruction in Perfect Sanskrit Pronunciation —according to the traditional Vedic rules & in the teacher-student transmission of call & response chanting

2.) Competence in Reading & Writing Basic Devanāgarī script—and its English equivalent according to IAST (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration)

3.) Fluency in Beginning Sanskrit Grammar Rules (Saṁdhi: Musical Combination of Letters)without feeling like you're being taught grammar!

4.) Initiation into Mantra Yogarelation of Sanskrit & the mind/body, plus chanting Sanskrit for meditation & healing to gain fluency in the nervous system's intelligence

5.) Instruction in Japa meditation & correct use of Mālā beads—to purify the 5 "sheaths" of the body

6.) Instruction in Traditional Vedic Chanting—the 6 Rules of Vedic Chanting, Vedic meter, Prakṛti & Vikṛti styles of chanting & more advanced rules of saṁdhi

7.) Hours of Instructional & Practice MP3 Audios—to continuously reinforce & refine your practice of Nāda Yoga

8.) Receive 10 Non-Contact Yoga Alliance Certified Hours—for yoga teaching continuing education—and the first step toward becoming a Sanskrit for Yogis Instructor

PLUS Lifetime Membership in all future versions of Sanskrit for Yogis at no additional fee—so you can keep returning to your practice of sacred sound again and again.

A Feminine, Embodied Approach to Learning Sanskrit

The manifest sound of creation is the Mother of all things, having 50 śaktis that she wears as a garland of the Sanskrit syllables...this Mother is the source of all mantras, the origin of all sciences, and the soil from which all the principles, all sages, and all knowledge are born. ~ Śrī Lakṣmī Tantra 20:31,52

You can learn Sanskrit the hard way or the fun way.

The hard way was how I learned Sanskrit in graduate school—as a dead, classical language. Sanskrit was something to be obtained "out there," in books.

The fun way is how it's been taught orally from teacher to student for thousands of years—as a chanting practice leading to awakening higher states of consciousness. Chanting Sanskrit is a way of uncovering your own natural intelligence "in here," within your nervous system.

After spending agonizing years with my head stuck in thick books of grammar & dictionaries, I discovered a much easier—and yet deeply transformative—method of learning Sanskrit. As my Vedic teacher explained, "I sit. You sit. I chant. You listen & repeat." It's how the Vedas (the teachings of enlightenement) have been passed down since the dawn of time. This is adhyāyānam—the living transmission that leads to the awakening of knowledge within your own nervous system.


You need a living teacher to learn a living language. 

And that can be hard to find.

I know. I struggled to find an authentic teacher of Vedic Sanskrit for years.

But you don't have to. 

In 7 course modules with intimate video classes and MP3 instructional & practice audios you'll receive invaluable personal instruction in Sanskrit from a highly qualified & trained Sanskrit scholar & practitioner, Dr. Katy Jane.

AND you'll be given access to a rich, evergreen Sanskrit For Yogis Online Learning Platform for hours of a guided program of study (that you can keep coming back to again & again...for life!) complete with:


7 Video Guided Lessons & Practice Modules

Personal & intimate Video instruction with Dr. Katy Jane

Hours of "easy-to-digest" downloadable MP3 practice audios

Sanskrit for Yogis Guidebook & Workbook (downloadable PDF) and;

Hours of BONUS audio classes on the Vedas & Sanskrit.


After completing Sanskrit for Yogis, you'll gain competence (and confidence!) in pronouncing Sanskrit perfectly, be able to read and write the vowels & consonants in Devanāgarī script, gain a new approach to meditation and tapping into the body's innate intelligence for healing, & be able to chant beginning Vedic chants authentically—with deep feeling and connection to the traditional roots of yoga. 

From this solid foundation in Sanskrit essentials, you can move on to more advanced chanting and Vedic philosophy classes with greater fluency and depth. And if you feel called to teach this method of learning Sanskrit, this is your first step toward that goal. 


Take your yoga & meditation practice to the next level.

Yoga studios are churning out thousands of new yoga teachers every year—yet few receive education in the authentic roots of yoga. You can be different by going directly to the source of yoga, the Vedas. And Sanskrit is your vehicle to get there. (Plus this course counts toward 10 non-contact Yoga Alliance hours...and is the first step toward becoming a certified Sanskrit for Yogis teacher.)

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Here's What Our Students Are Saying About Sanskrit for Yogis

"Immediately we felt the effects of chanting as powerful medicine."

Each time we chanted together a feeling of wholeness, peace, and deep connection would manifest. Dr. Katy beautifully describes this process of attuning with nature and with the whole universe through chanting the Sanskrit alphabet! In this course we further immersed ourselves in reading devanāgarī, chanting the Vedas according to the rules of the tradition, and profound experiences of meditation. I was hooked!" ~ Margo Sorum


"I love to tap into my limitless potential with Sanskrit chanting."

Who would have guessed that a country hippie girl who grew up in Nebraska would end up geeking out on this vibrational 'language'? It all comes down to that—vibration. And Sanskrit is the key to understanding how we are all connected through vibration." ~ Mindy Arbuckle


"Dr. Katy taught us likhta śāstra—the practice of writing in devanāgarī—and its powerful effects."

This became—and still is—my "go to" practice. I started transliterating Sanskrit texts from devanagari to English alphabet using IAST. It was commitment to this as a practice that enabled me to actually read my favorite Sanskrit scriptures. The process of transliterating and repetitive chanting from that, instilled the meaning of the texts on a deep, subconscious level. It has become an essential part of my life. I give complete credit to the way I learned from Dr. Katy & Sanskrit for Yogis." ~ Francesca Jackson


Go Deeper in Your Practice.
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