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How to heal from heartbreak, communicate your needs, and attain self-love…without needing to change the other person!

 Our intimate relationships are the cornerstone of a happy, fulfilled, & successful life.

 Yet many of us struggle to:

  • Find the right “one” who compliments our best self.  
  • Receive validation for our emotional needs. 
  • Grasp the life lessons our partnerships offer.

 Not to mention how we can suffer from low self-worth by failing to attract harmonious, healthy, and uplifting partnerships!

 Relationship struggles limit the expression of our life purpose, causing emotional pain & trauma that can take years—if not lifetimes—to “get over.”

 But what if there was an easier way to:

  • Attract soulmates who support your life’s purpose. 
  • Make peace with your choices.
  • Communicate from your higher Self instead of the ego.
Say Less, I'm In!
the art of chemistry

Relationships don’t need to be so hard, but they do need to be wise.

Here’s how you can improve your soulmate connections by expanding your self-knowledge with Vedic Astrology:

Join Dr. Katy Jane for an in-depth look at your relationships & your Vedic chart to explore:

  • Synergies among planets, signs, & nakshatras (Moon signs).  
  • Past & Future Birth Soulmate Connections. 
  • The Love Language of “Afflicted” Mars.   
  • The 8 Aspects of Compatibility.
  • Sexual attraction & animal totems…and more!

 Together we’ll explore the key aspects of the Vedic chart to learn and improve from all your intimate connections.

Through your Vedic chart, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your life’s biggest lessons, improve your communication, and release toxic emotions like guilt, remorse & anger.

Here’s what’s included in The Art of Chemistry Live Immersion with Dr. Katy:

2 hour In-Depth Live Training 

 PLUS Free Bonus: Family Constellation Astrology Masterclass ($497 value) 

Or....GO VIP: (And get a 1:1 recorded relationship reading..)

2 hour In-Depth Live Training 

PDF Copy of Your Natal Chart (& One Partner Chart)
And get a recorded Private Relationship Consultation with Dr. Katy (pre-recorded on video and delivered to you via email) to assess strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve your relationship.*

 PLUS Free Bonus: Family Constellation Astrology Masterclass ($497 value)

In this intimate one-hour recorded reading, I’ll compare your chart with one other important person to you to help you understand yourself and your partner better. (If you don’t have a partner, no problem! I’ll focus on your relationship questions within your Vedic birth chart.)

We’ll look at how your personalities alchemize—the parts that work, the parts that don’t work (but could), and the parts that will never work (but you can learn to live with).

OR…if you’re not in an intimate partnership (but want to be), signing up for a personal “Relationship Insights” reading can help you recognize The One when s/he/they show up.

AND…if you’re suffering from a painful breakup or other loss, I’ll help you make sense of it, grow from it, and align more authentically with the BIG reasons why had to go through it.

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  • 2 Hour in-depth Live Training Via Zoom
  • Lifetime access to recording
  • PDF Copy of Your Natal Chart & One Partner Chart
  • PLUS Free Bonus: Family Constellation Astrology Masterclass ($497 value)




  • Everything included in LIVE Immersion
  •  Private Pre-Recorded Relationship Consultation with Dr. Katy
  • PLUS Free Bonus: Family Constellation Astrology Masterclass ($497 value) 


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