Gain the power of self-validation by learning to read your Vedic birth chart & align your decisions with your life's highest purpose

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Life is a journey, and every turning point is a new destination.

Whether it's exhilarating or daunting, understanding your unique astrological blueprint can offer clarity, guidance, and empowerment. Your Vedic Astrology birth chart is a celestial snapshot of the universe at your moment of birth—an intimate guidebook to your highest potential and deepest desires. It's time to unlock your unique cosmic roadmap and navigate life's transitions with confidence.

Benefits and Features:

Receive personal guidance in 4 easy-to-follow video lessons taught by Dr. Katy Jane, an expert in Vedic astrology:

Lesson #1: "Who Am I?" You’ll learn how to identify your Vedic rising sign, your planetary ruler, and the layout of your natal chart.

Lesson #2: “What’s the Reason I’m Born?” You’ll learn about your “seat of power” (where your planetary ruler sits in your chart) and the focus of your life’s mission.

Lesson #3: “Why Do I Go Through What I Go Through?” You’ll learn how to track and interpret your karma as it unfolds according to planetary periods within your chart—and how to shift your emotional experience of it.

Lesson #4: “How Do I Make the Best Decisions?” You’ll learn how to consult your chart whenever you’re at a crossroads and need self-understanding.

The Power of Your Cosmic Blueprint:


  • Understand your strengths and how to harness them in times of change
  • Find guidance for personal growth and self-discovery
  • Navigate career transitions with clarity and confidence
  • Receive holistic health insights and tools for emotional wellness
  • Rekindle love or find strength amidst relationship shifts
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Hello! I'm Dr. Katy Jane,

and I'm delighted to be your guide on this journey of self-discovery. As a spiritual thought leader and Vedic astrologer recognized among the "Top 75 Yogis Who Are Shifting the Planet" by Origin Magazine, my passion is to help you become the best version of yourself.

My journey began during a meditation retreat in India, where I discovered my intuitive abilities. This transformative experience led me to use Vedic astrology, the science of self-knowledge, to offer strategic guidance on life purpose, relationships, and well-being.

Having earned my doctorate in Religious Studies and Sanskrit, I bring a unique blend of academic expertise and intuitive wisdom to my work. I also take great joy in mentoring aspiring Vedic astrologers, helping them develop their intuitive skills and build the confidence to share them professionally.

Through our work together, I hope to be a beacon of self-understanding, inner peace, and fulfillment for you. I'm excited to welcome you on this journey!

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In times of change and uncertainty, your Vedic birth chart is an invaluable guide to help you plan strategic decisions and confirm your gut feelings. Let's learn how to navigate (and interpret) your Vedic birth chart together beginning with the essential basics—so you can reach your Peak Potential!

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"Don't let the fear of the unknown paralyze you at your turning point."

Uncover the wisdom of your Vedic birth chart and learn to consult it for guidance when you most need a higher understanding of what's happening.

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