Join Dr. Katy Jane for a Vedic Astrology Immersion to:

  • Be seen and feel validated
  • Achieve Your Life Mission
  • And Learn How to Read your Vedic chart to Live Your Best Life

(Taught Live and now Fully Recorded)

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Be Seen, Feel Validated & Achieve Your Mission

How to Read Your Vedic Chart to Live Your Best Life

a 5-Lesson Vedic Astrology Immersion to receive:

✔️Clarity on Your Vision
✔️Focus for Your Attention
✔️Alignment with Your Inner Knowing

Empower Your Vision
Your Vedic natal chart is the “owner’s manual” for your life. It’s priceless to learn how to read it for validating your gut feelings and for giving you guidance at crucial life moments. Step-by-step over 5 live lessons, Dr. Katy Jane will teach you the basics in making sense out of your own Vedic astrological chart, so you can consult it whenever you need to make a big decision or navigate a scary transition.

What We'll Cover...

Lesson #1: "Who Am I?"

You’ll learn how to identify your Vedic rising sign, your planetary ruler and the layout of
your natal chart.

Lesson #2: “What’s the Reason I’m Born?”

You’ll learn about your “seat of power” (where your planetary ruler sits in your chart) and
the focus of your life’s mission.

Lesson #3: “Why Do I Go Through What I Go Through?
You’ll learn how to track and interpret your karma as it unfolds according to planetary
periods within your chart—and how to shift your emotional experience of it.

Lesson #4: “How Do I Make the Best Decisions?”
You’ll learn how to consult your chart whenever you’re at a crossroads and need self-

Lesson #5: Chart Examples
We’ll spend the final class learning to put it all together. Dr. Katy will ask for volunteers to
read their charts!

At the end of the immersion, you’ll gain a new skill in self-understanding, self-trust, and self-
validation by learning to read the basics of your Vedic chart.


In addition to the live lessons, you’ll receive:
✔️Free Tool to Cast Your Vedic Chart
✔️ Lifetime access to the class recordings
✔️Membership in Dr. Katy’s private Vedic Astrology Facebook Community where you
can continue to ask questions, learn more & connect with like-minded friends.

This is a rare chance to receive personal instruction from Dr. Katy in Vedic astrology. You
don’t want to miss it!

Vedic Astrology Immersion


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