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Ever had that gut feeling about what you're meant to do, but no one's ever really echoed back that 'heck yeah' you were hoping for?

That's exactly why Dr. Katy's personalized video report is so valuable. It's all about getting that clear confirmation that your decisions are on the right path and that deep, inner calling you've always felt isn't just wishful thinking—it's your true purpose being validated.

Forget those generic newspaper horoscopes, the doom and gloom of fatalistic predictions, or blaming Mercury in retrograde for every coffee spill. We’re diving deep into what’s truly written in the stars for you—no generalizations, just real, personalized insights.

Dr. Katy strips away all the complex 'astro-speak' and dives straight into what matters—your natural talents and how they mesh with real-life stuff like your career moves, your relationships, and the everyday challenges you face. It's all about getting that clear 'yes!' from deep inside on where to head next.

In this one-on-one session (recorded on video), Dr. Katy makes the stars relatable, breaking down your Vedic birth chart in a way that’s not only easy to grasp but also totally actionable. You'll walk away with more than just insight into how your psychology was imprinted at birth, what you're naturally good at, and where you're headed; you'll have actionable steps that show you exactly how to leverage that knowledge.

Think of it like this: you get a roadmap that not only echoes your gut feelings, but also shows how to make them your reality.

So, if you're ready to start making choices that really feel like you, let Dr. Katy help you piece together your life's big picture. It's time to really listen to those gut instincts and build a life that screams 'you'. 

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"Being in between careers, I was looking for someone or something that could tell me what my higher purpose is—that thing I was supposed to be doing all these years that I hadn't been doing. Having an in-depth “year ahead” reading with Dr. Katy Jane gave that to me and more! It made so many things in my life and relationships make sense finally. Wonder why you do the things you do? Why are you drawn to the people you're drawn to? Why don’t some things/people just fit when they "should"? Go see Dr. Katy immediately!"

~ Victoria (Denver, CO), Real Estate Entrepreneur


What’s Included in Your Personalized Reading Report?

Custom Video Report Just for You, Your Vedic Birth Chart and PDF Transcript of Your Report

Ready to uncover how you're wired for success and happiness right from birth? I'll create a 30-minute video report explaining the key elements of your Vedic birth chart and how it connects to your purpose, career, relationships, and health. I’ll offer a detailed, heartfelt exploration of how you're uniquely designed to succeed.

PDF Transcript of Your Report

Along with your video, you'll get a handy PDF transcript detailing everything I shared about you in the report—perfect for a quick refresher or a little reassurance whenever you need it. Plus, you'll get a detailed PDF of your Vedic Birth Chart and your Dasha (Planetary Periods) report. It's your all-in-one guide to understanding the big picture of your chart!

Hi there! I'm Dr. Katy Jane.

It's such a pleasure to meet you and to be walking alongside you on this path to getting to know yourself better. I've been recognized as one of the "Top 75 Yogis Who Are Shifting the Planet" by Origin Magazine for my work as a spiritual guide and Vedic astrologer, but what really lights up my day is seeing someone like you unlock their full potential.

My own adventure into this world of self-knowledge started quite unexpectedly during a meditation retreat in India, where I stumbled upon my knack for intuition. That eye-opening moment was my first step towards embracing Vedic astrology not just as a study, but as a way to offer practical advice on navigating life’s big questions—like finding your purpose, enhancing relationships, and fostering personal wellness.

With my doctorate in Religious Studies and Sanskrit together with a lifelong practice of yoga and meditation, I mix scholarly knowledge with the power of intuition in my work as a spiritual thought leader and mentor.

I'm here to help guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself, a sense of inner calm, and genuine satisfaction with life. I can’t wait to get started and am thrilled to have you with us on this journey!

"You are amazing at Ayurvedic Astrology! You understand karma like nothing else I have encountered; I have a strong karmic relationship I am working through over my whole life and this is the main support I have found - I even know it was something I needed to work with. Your reading is part of my process of healing and relationship and spiritual practice every day! Thank you!"

~ M.H


Everything you'll discover in Your 30-Minute Personal Vedic Birth Chart Report 

Chart Essentials: 

Your Vedic Rising Sign
Get to know the real you — your core identity.

Core Competencies: We'll spotlight your natural strengths and talents that steer you toward success and fulfillment.

Inborn Power: I’ll show you the rock-solid power you've got inside that’ll back you up through thick and thin.

Career and Relationships: Expect custom tips on the career moves and relationship vibes that vibe best with your star setup.

Destiny and Potential: We'll map out what you're here to do and become, giving you a crystal-clear roadmap for your journey."

Moon Sign and Karmic Periods: Emotional Insights and Life Lessons

Moon Sign Insights
: We’ll tap into how your emotions shape your world, from relationships to daily reactions, and I’ll give you practical tips to make this knowledge work for you.

Planetary Phases: We’ll pinpoint the major life phases each planet brings your way, packed with their own lessons and how you can navigate them like a champ.

Karmic Roots: Ever wonder about your natural instincts and quirks? We'll explore the karmic influences from your past lives that are steering your present path, giving you the ultimate inside scoop.

Unpacking the 12 Houses: Your Life's Blueprint

Exploring Each House
: We'll go through all 12 Houses, covering everything from where you started in childhood, your school adventures, to your career paths, love life, health, and how you handle life's ups and downs.

Your Life's Layout: Here, you'll see a clear map of how each part of your life is shaped by the stars. I'll guide you through understanding how the planets influence different areas of your life, giving you the know-how to navigate them smoothly

Current Planetary Period and Transits: Navigating Today's Astrology

What's Happening Now
: I'll explain the current planetary period affecting you right now, highlighting which planet is in charge and how you can leverage this time for maximum benefit.

Understanding Big Transits: Dive into the major planetary shifts happening currently and how they impact your daily life. This insight will help you make sense of what you're experiencing and guide your decisions.


Get the Scoop on Your Vedic Birth Chart:
What it Really Says About You

✨ You: Provide Your Birth Information: Simply fill out the form with your date, time, and place of birth.

✨ Personalized Analysis: I’ll craft your personalized video report, delving into the key areas of your Vedic birth chart and your Dasha Report (Planetary Periods

✨ Receive Your Insights: Within 7 days, your video and transcript will be ready to guide you through your decisions.

Personalized Video Report (think mini-reading) with detailed PDF version of your Vedic Birth Chart and your Dasha report (Planetary Periods).

This gives you an overview and explanation of your chart.

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7 Business Day delivery time.

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  • Recorded Personalized Video Report
  • Bonus: Custom PDF of Your Birth Chart
  • Planetary Periods Report

"I had done readings with one of the most respected Vedic astrologers in the world. But when I started the Vedic astrology mentoring program with Dr. Katy Jane I was blown away. She takes it to such an elevated level with her wisdom, insight, and intuition that the other work pales in comparison. She inspires us to reach for our highest potential and live our most inspired life."

~ Nan (Malibu, CA), Fine Home Interior Designer