Yoga Sūtras Master Class (Pāda 2)
with Dr. Katy Jane

Yoga's deeper teachings begin with chanting Sanskrit for meaning & feeling. Gain direct access to the mind/body transformational system of Patañjali's Yoga with Sanskrit—the technology for healing & enlivening your nervous system.

Let's Begin

Enter the Living Presence of Patañjali Yoga Sūtras

Don't just read them; Become them.


Traditionally the Yoga Sūtras are not “read” like books in English, but “felt,” through continuous repetition of its Sanskrit syllables. You'll be guided step-by-step in chanting Pāda 2 in Sanskrit Vedic Meter through personal & comprehensive instruction by Sanskrit scholar & yogini, Dr. Katy Jane.


To help you make sense of your felt experience, Dr. Katy Jane will guide you in a translation and commentary on the sūtras of Pāda 2. There are 9 Lecture MP3sof over 1.5 hours of rich, enlightening content each—included in the course.

Direct Experience

You may have read many translations of the Yoga Sūtras, but there's simply no substitute for the guidance of a qualified teacher. In these intimate discussions on the hidden meaning of the sūtras of Pāda 2—and one-on-one instruction in their Sanskrit pronunciation, Dr. Katy Jane leads you to your own inner teacher...and self-mastery.

Take Your Yoga to the Next Level

Receive the power of traditional Vedic transmission from a qualified Sanskrit scholar & awaken your nervous system to feeling the meaning within the sūtras.

When you join this Master-Level Class, you'll receive:

9 Lecture/Commentary MP3s (of over 1.5 hours of deep & profound content each) with never-heard-of-before interpretations of Pāda 1

In-depth Instruction in Sanskrit Pronunciation and Vedic Chanting

Over 2 hours of Instruction & Practice MP3s of Pronunciation and Vedic Meter &

An easy-to-follow Sanskrit chanting guidebook

PLUS the expert & rare guidance of a qualified Sanskrit teacher and yogini, Dr. Katy Jane—to lead you through a feminine, embodied & enlightened exploration of Yoga's core teachings.



An Immersion in Self-Mastery

For serious yoga practitioners in search of the "next step" in their evolution, this is a “master class,” designed to lead you toward your own Self-Mastery in Yoga.

All of us who take yoga seriously are on our ways to becoming masters. Such mastery is the Supreme Knowledge.

But it’s not acquired in the way you may believe. You don’t “read” the Yoga Sūtras. You become them.

Each sūtra is an embodiment of living wisdom. When you recite the sūtras in Sanskrit you become what they describe.



About Your Guide

Named one of “75 Yogis Who Are Shifting the Planet,” by Origin Magazine, Dr. Katy Jane is a Sanskrit scholar, Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer), author and yogini. Her mission is to help yogis align with their higher Self through the Vedic tradition at the source of yoga.

After earning her doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of California (Santa Barbara) and extensive studies with Vedic Sanskrit teachers in India, she’s dedicated over 15 years to help yogis expand their practice and teaching with Sanskrit as sacred sound. 

The author of Awakening with Sanskrit, Feeling the Shakti of Sanskrit and Sanskrit for Yogis, Dr. Katy currently resides in a small Himalayan village in India, where she facilitates spiritual retreats at Dunagiri Retreat.

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Receive direct transmission of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtras


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