A Beginner's Immersion in Sanskrit (taught in the Vedic method) to deepen your spiritual insight, heal emotional wounds, elevate your consciousness—and share it with others with a 250-hour certificate to teach Sanskrit for Yogis.

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I'm Dr. Katy and I'm so delighted to invite you to explore the spiritual power of spoken Sanskrit.  

Focused on experiential wisdom, this program invites you to not just learn, but to feel and embody the sacred language of the Vedas and its profound impacts on spiritual growth, emotional healing, consciousness elevation, and mental clarity.

Our 3-Part beginning Sanskrit immersion is designed for those who are passionate about yoga, meditation, and exploring the quantum mind to achieve significant breakthroughs in your personal and spiritual growth.

In Part I, we'll master the six rules of Vedic chanting in Sanskrit with special focus on pronunciation, reading Devanagari script, and the science of mantra.

In Part II, we'll shift our focus to Vedanta, "the End of the Veda" and the blossoming of enlightenment. We'll recite & study the Ashtavakra Gita in the original Sanskrit.

In Part III, we'll expand the heart with the 1000 Names of Vishnu in Sanskrit, connecting the meaning of the names to the Vedic vision of the universe that's within you.

And if your desire is to share the benefits of Sanskrit chanting, you can receive 250-hour Certificate in Sanskrit for Yogis upon successful completion of the 3 modules & the Bonus Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Online Course (Padas 1 & 2)

I'm so much looking forward to having you join our Sanskrit chanting circle! 

From my heart, Dr. Katy

The 3 modules of the program are designed to achieve:

Spiritual Growth

Engage with the texts and practices that offer a foundation for deep, lasting spiritual growth.

Healing Emotional Traumas

Discover how chanting Sanskrit achieves emotional healing, helping to release past traumas and foster a state of balance and well-being.

Elevating Consciousness

Through the teachings of non-dualism and the exploration of the quantum mind, gain insights that elevate your consciousness and understanding of the universe.

Attaining Mental Clarity

The disciplined study and chanting of Sanskrit verses sharpen the mind, enhancing focus, clarity, and cognitive function.

Whether you choose to engage in the individual modules as stand-alone courses or commit to the entire journey to earn a 250-hour certificate in Sanskrit for Yogis, this program will bring you closer to the Source of who you are as being, consciousness, & bliss!



An Embodied, Feminine, Feeling-Centered Practice

Under Dr. Katy Jane's guidance & instruction, the focus is on an embodied, feminine, feeling-centered practice that encourages participants to connect deeply with the material on an emotional and spiritual level. 

Through a combination of self-study materials and live sessions with Dr. Katy Jane, students will engage in lectures, discussions, and group instruction that enrich their understanding and application of these ancient teachings in their daily lives.

Part #1: Vedic Chanting and the Quantum Mind

We’ll meet live over Zoom (beginning on March 22nd) for 8 classes exploring:

Lesson 1:
 Varna: First Rule of Vedic Chanting (Sanskrit Pronunciation)

Lesson 2: Svara: Second Rule of Vedic Chanting (3 "Tones" of Vedic Meter)

Lesson 3: Matra: Third Rule of Vedic Chanting (Meter or Rhythm)

Lesson 4: Bala: Fourth Rule of Vedic Chanting (Control of Prana, "Life Breath")

Lesson 5: Sama: Fifth Rule of Vedic Chanting (Beautiful Combination of Sanskrit Sounds)

Lesson 6: Santana: Sixth Rule of Vedic Chanting (Secrets of the Breath)

Lesson 7 : Live Practice Session: Interactive feedback and practice with Dr. Katy.

Lesson 8: Live Feedback Session: Personalized guidance from Dr. Katy to refine your practice.

What you will learn:

  • How to Pronounce the 50 Syllables of Sanskrit Perfectly to Enliven & Heal Your Nervous System.
  • How to Read Sanskrit in the Devanagari Script.
  • Meditation Practices to Open Inner Pathways to Higher Consciousness. 
  • Vedic Sanskrit chants combining all 6 rules to tone, enliven, & enlighten your body, mind & spirit.


  • You’ll gain a daily practice that will increase your prana ("life force") for deeper experiences of meditation.
  • The practice of Vedic chanting offers an easy & blissful method for mental peace and emotional healing, utilizing the vibratory power of Sanskrit sounds to harmonize the body and mind.

Classes begin March 22nd (6:30-8:30pm EST) live over Zoom with Dr. Katy. 

Live classes are supplemented with the Bonus Sanskrit for Yogis (online course) that contains 10 modules of lessons providing instruction in beginning Sanskrit.


Part #2: The Heart of Awareness: Exploring the NonDual Teachings of Ashtavakra Gita

More details are coming soon...

Part #3: For the Love of God: Chanting the 1000 Names of Vishnu

More details are coming soon...

250-Hour Certificate in Sanskrit for Yogis and Advanced Learning

If it's in your heart to share the healing power of Sanskrit with others in an authentic way, you may apply for a 250-hour certificate in Sanskrit for Yogis upon successful completion of the 3-Parts of this Sanskrit Immersion—AND completion of Dr. Katy's Bonus Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Online Course (Padas 1 & 2) that's included when you sign up for the full immersion.

You will also be asked to submit a recording of your Sanskrit chanting and other materials for Dr. Katy's review. 


PLUS These Exclusive Bonuses

When you join Part I: Vedic Chanting & the Quantum Mind, you'll receive free access to:

  • Sanskrit for Yogis Online Course: A comprehensive 10-module course that covers everything from pronunciation to Vedic chanting and the Devanagari script.

The Sanskrit for Yogis course provides the necessary instruction & practice materials to supplement Dr. Katy's Live Instruction.

AND when you sign up for all 3 Parts of the Sanskrit Immersion (toward 250-hour Certificate in Sanskrit for Yogis), you'll also receive free access to:

  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Padas 1&2 Audio Course: Learn to chant in the original Sanskrit and understand the meaning of the verses within the first two chapters of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. In addition to providing you with instruction & practice recordings, you'll receive Dr. Katy's own commentary on these enlightening teachings at the heart of yoga.

Why This Journey Is For You

If you're seeking a path to inner peace, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual transcendence, let the sacred sounds of Sanskrit be your guide. This course is a beacon for those yearning to connect with the deeper aspects of their being, through an authentic, heartfelt practice that honors the feminine and the fluidity of feeling.

Join Us

With Dr. Katy Jane's guidance, discover the transformative power of Sanskrit to heal, enlighten, and reveal your true purpose.

This is not just a course—it's a calling. Answer it with an open heart and mind.

Enroll now and awaken the universe within.

Pre-sale pricing until March 1, 2024 PLUS get instant access to Sanskrit For Yogis for either payment path.

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PART 1 ONLY: Vedic Chanting & the Quantum Mind


  • Includes 8 Live Classes Over Zoom with Dr. Katy (with Replay Available)
  • BONUS Sanskrit for Yogis Online Course

    Includes BONUS Sanskrit for Yogis Online Course (Pre-sale offer only!)




  • Part I: Vedic Chanting & the Quantum Mind
  • Part II: Vedanta & the Ashtavakra Gita
  • Part III: The 1000 Names of Vishnu.   

Includes BONUS Sanskrit for Yogis Online Course & Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (Padas 1 & 2) Audio Course & Practice Recordings