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A “reading” is an interpretation of your life’s blueprint (your Vedic birth chart) to help you gain clarity & self-validation, especially at moments of big transitions. This isn’t “crystal ball” gazing, but a time-tested system of self-knowledge that gives you confidence to apply your best qualities to what’s happening in your life. 

The initial readings listed on this page are recorded readings, if you are looking for a live reading with Dr. Katy Jane, click the button below to be brought to that section.  

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Live Vedic Astrology Reading


Readings are live and recorded over zoom
 Readings are recorded as a video and audio file.
Recording files are delivered within 15 business days of your reading.
Readings are non-refundable.and non-transferable.

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Investment: $350

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What clients are saying..

"You are amazing at Ayurvedic Astrology! You understand karma like nothing else I have encountered; I have a strong karmic relationship I am working through over my whole life and this is the main support I have found - I even know it was something I needed to work with. Your reading is part of my process of healing and relationship and spiritual practice every day! Thank you!

- M.H

Recorded Vedic Astrology Reading


Readings are not live.
 Readings are recorded as a video and audio file.
Readings are delivered within 15 business days of your booking.
Please let us know if this is an “emergency” reading and we will try to acommodate faster delivery.
Readings are non-refundable and non-transferable.
You may submit specific questions to be answered on your reading on the checkout page.

1 hour (Video & Audio) Recording

If you’ve never had a Vedic Birth Chart Reading with me, this is where you begin.

Are you curious about who you are in your highest light & why you were born?

Are you looking for a deeper awareness of your strengths and best qualities?

Would you like help in identifying your best strategies for dealing with obstacles?

Do you need a vision for your life’s mission?

Your Vedic birth chart reveals the full picture of your core competencies, finances, relationships, & spiritual path.

It gives you a complete map to where you should focus your energy, what you should say “Yes” to, and the best timing for your life’s decisions.

My 1-hour reading of your Vedic birth chart will offer validation for your “gut” feelings and clarity about your future. It will give you confidence to trust yourself and take bold steps toward success in living your purpose fully. 

Investment: $425

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If you’ve already had a Vedic Birth Chart reading with me, and you want to know what’s ahead in your life—and how best to prepare for it—a Follow-Up reading is for you!

We’ll look specifically at the current transits affecting your life—and the planetary period you’re currently undergoing—to help you make sense of what’s happening and what’s best for you to do.

A 1-hour Follow-Up reading can really be a lifesaver when you’re at a crossroads and need to know which path to take. It’s also so affirming to be reminded of your highest Self in such moments!

Investment: $425

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If you’ve already had a Vedic Birth Chart reading with me, you can schedule a follow-up reading to focus on your career, business, and financial health.

Are you dissatisfied with what you’re currently doing for work?

Do you feel there’s something else you should be doing, but aren’t sure?

Do you have an idea for a business and wonder if it’s right for you?

Would you like to know the best time to start something new?

A Career Guidance Reading will help you identify what you’re really good at, what will bring you abundance and satisfaction in your work, and where the money lies in your chart—so you can make bold moves toward success. 

Investment: $425

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For Business or Love Partnerships

After you’ve had a Vedic Birth Chart reading, you can choose to focus on your love life—or your intimate business partnership—with a Relationships Insights Reading.

Are you struggling to find the One who compliments your best self?

Are you trying to grasp the life lessons your relationships offer?

Would you like to attract a soulmate who supports your life mission?

Are you wondering how you & your business partner can best work together?

In the Relationships Insights Reading, we’ll look at the charts of you and your partner to determine your strengths & weakness to deepen your bond.

If in a business partnership, we’ll look for “warning” signs, the timing of decisions, and the best outcome for profit & growth for both of you.  

If you aren’t in a committed relationship, we’ll look at the qualities, rising sign, and Moon sign of your ideal partner. 

We’ll also look at the best timing to meet someone new—or to end your current relationship. 

Investment: $597

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As a parent there’s nothing more important than to guide your children toward their highest potential. Fortunately, we’re all born with an “owner’s manual” for our life—the Vedic birth chart!

We’ll explore your child’s life mission (& why they chose you as parent). We’ll go deep into their strengths and talents—and how you can support your child in actualizing them. And we’ll look at their future and how to guide them toward its best outcome. 

Investment: $425 

*For children ages 0-18

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Sometimes you need a quick answer or a small dose of wisdom to help you decide what to do next or to get through a challenging time. 

If you’ve already had a Vedic Birth Chart Reading with me (or any other reading), you’re welcome to ask a follow-up question. I’ll respond with a 20-minute recorded answer (video & audio). 

As time is limited, please ask 1-2 questions only. 

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If you’re committed to living a life of purpose, passion, prosperity, & freedom—but aren’t sure how to achieve that on your own, private mentoring with Dr. Katy can help you!

Are you facing a difficult transition?

Do you need help gathering your courage for a big life change?

Do you crave clarity on all 12 aspects of your life—from purpose to finance to relationships and to spiritual freedom?

Would you benefit from some handholding and accountability?

Investment: $1597


Each 1-hour Reading is conducted LIVE over Zoom with Dr. Katy.

Each reading is recorded as a video and audio file.

Each reading includes a PDF transcript.

You’ll receive a PDF copy of your Vedic Birth Chart & Planetary Cycles Report.

Readings are non-refundable.

You’ll be able to ask Dr. Katy follow-up questions via email.

You can begin each level of mentoring at any time (as long as Dr. Katy has availability).


SILVER LEVEL: 3-Month Private Mentoring

If you’re facing a big change & challenge right now and need personal support from Dr. Katy & the insights your Vedic birth chart can provide, you can choose to meet with her live over Zoom every month for 3 months.


This is a great option when changes (like job change, divorce & break-ups, recent health & financial challenges, or unexpected losses) are happening in your life “all at once,” and you need quick answers and guidance to help get you through a difficult time.


In your meetings with Dr. Katy live over Zoom, she’ll help you:


  • Align your decisions with the help of right timing of transits & your current planetary cycles over the next 3 months.
  • Gain clarity about the life lessons in front of you.
  • Turn your struggles into strategies for emotional peace & success.
  • Choose the path that’s aligned with your life’s highest purpose. 


Dr. Katy will personally tailor your private mentoring to meet your individual needs. Before your sessions begin, she’ll ask you to submit your questions and life challenges you’re facing so she can customize her insights & advice to serve your highest and best outcome.


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Investment: $1597

Investment: $1597
See 6 & 12 Month Mentoring Options