90% of Our Pain Doesn't Arise from What's Happening Outside Us...


But from within our own MIND causing:

👉Uncertainty about what’s going to happen next.

 👉Isolation from meaningful relationships (especially to our higher Self) and,

👉 Lack of validation for what we know inside to be true.

But what if you could learn how to develop & apply your INTUITION in service to others to:

👉DISCOVER how the Vedic Birth Chart connects us intimately to the universe.

👉TRUST in who we came here to be and why we were born and;

👉KNOW FOR CERTAIN we're on the right path at the right time...


while building a loyal clientele as a Professional Vedic Astrologer, healer, & guide! 

Welcome to Life Insight Mastery (Level 1):

An In-depth Online Professional Training in Vedic Astrology

  • LEARN the secrets of human psychology within the Vedic science of Jyotisha, the world's oldest & most reliable system of healing the mind with intuition.
  • GAIN powerful skills in reading & interpreting the Vedic Birth Chart for your own self exploration & empowerment...AND
  • ENTER a new career path of serving others with Jyotisha—the Science of Self-Knowledge.
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Hi beautiful! I’m Dr. Katy Jane.


I'm so delighted to share with you everything I’ve learned over 20 years as a Vedic astrologer to help you—a soul-seeker, intuitive, and healer— gain professional skills in Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology), the ancient science of healing the mind with intuition.

But before I share all the details of the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program, I have a confession to make: I didn’t learn the system of Vedic astrology from reading books. 

Instead, I tapped into my intuitive abilities by sitting quiet in meditation. I can't explain it logically. I just knew.

Learning  the language of Vedic astrology & how to interpret the Vedic birth chart provided me with a system of self-knowledge that validated what I already knew inside. It gave me a language to translate my deep inner knowing to serve and heal others. 

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 In Vedic astrology, I discovered an ancient system of self-knowledge and human psychology that explains how:

👉 We’re born intact with emotional, mental, and spiritual qualities.

👉 Our patterns are meant to wake us up to our BIG life lessons and

👉The timing of our karma isn’t by chance but follows a predictable order.

I take the same approach in the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program. I help you remove the blocks that make you distrust your intuitive wisdom, and instead apply your inner knowing to healing your heart and mind.

Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) leads you through all the important steps in reading Vedic Astrology Birth Charts—while developing your intuition, enriching your interpretations, and improving your professional counseling skills.

Combining rich Online LessonsLive Instruction, & My Personal Guidance , you'll learn the:

  • Foundations of Vedic Astrology (Planets, Signs, & Houses);
  • 27 Vedic Star Signs (nakshatras)—their core competencies, strengths, & life paths.
  • Important Combinations (Yogas) to Look For in the Vedic Birth Chart
  • Art of Right Timing  (Muhurta) 
  • Patterns of Karma (Transits & Dashas) and...

How to read Vedic Astrology Birth Charts professionally—according to your own intuitive talents!

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Here's how Jennifer replaced half her income as a professional Vedic Astrologer after completing Life Insight Mastery (Level 1)...in less than a year!

I signed up for the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program with Dr. Katy after having a life-changing Vedic Astrology birth chart reading with her. I was so blown away by the accuracy of my reading that I needed to know more about how to share this incredible system of self-knowledge with others. So I signed up for the program not knowing where it would lead. The training was amazing! After completing Life Insight Mastery, I’ve been able to switch my career and build a viable coaching business as a professional Vedic astrologer… AND replace half my income offering consultations! My clients are amazed that I’ve only been doing this for a short time. When they ask me what books I’ve read, I tell them I just rely on the knowledge I received from Dr. Katy which was so thorough and deep. The Life Insight Mastery program is phenomenal, and I recommend it to everyone! Anyone who is interested in studying with Dr. Katy will gain a wealth of knowledge and skill in Vedic astrology. Plus we have a strong interactive Facebook community of students who support and help each other, and Dr. Katy is always there to answer questions. For anyone who’s on the fence about whether to sign up for the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program, I would say, “Don’t hesitate! You won’t be disappointed.”

~ Jennifer Jacobsen 

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Gain truly life-changing knowledge & Skills to Share it 

Here's the Journey You'll Take in Life Insight Mastery (Level 1):

 The Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program leads you through:

  • 3 Modules of Online Pre-Recorded Lessons  (spread over 9-months). 
  • 4 Mini-Retreat Intensives (Live Over Zoom) with Dr. Katy
  • 9 "Ask Me Anything" Q&As (Live over Zoom)
  • 1 Private Meeting 1:1 with Dr. Katy
  • AND...Membership in the Life Insight Mastery Facebook Community

PLUS the Option to Mentor Personally with Dr. Katy for 12-months!

Following successful completion of the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program, students will be eligible for a 250-hour Certificate of Completion in Vedic Astrology OR a 500-hour Certificate of Completion for those enrolled in Private Mentoring.

Here's what's included in the complete Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program:


I. Lessons

The Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program offers you a rich curriculum of 3 Modules of Pre-Recorded lessons that will give you all the essential knowledge to build a strong foundation in Vedic astrology & reading birth charts.

The content will be "dripped" to you over 9 months—3 months for each Part. You'll be guided step-by-step with profound and inspiring lessons by Dr. Katy Jane, easy to follow video presentations, and guided meditation & Sanskrit chanting practices to develop your intuition and "chart reading" abilities.

Module One—Foundations in Jyotisha

  • Discover all the necessary “vocabulary” to be able to make sense of your Vedic natal chart.
  • Learn about the planets, signs and houses and how they translate into your “story” and more.
  • Start to get answers as to why you are the way you are and how to align with your highest and best self.
  • Engage in profound meditation & Sanskrit chanting exercises to develop and expand your intuition.
  • Discover the hidden secrets of the Vedic zodiac and how it reveals the "myth you live by" (your patterns, life story & reason for your birth).

Module Two—The 27 Lunar Constellations of Vedic Astrology

  • Build on this knowledge and gain insight into the 27 unique personality archetypes, their core qualities and powers, and how they best express their highest purpose in life.
  • Gain so much insight into both yourself and the people in your life—while beginning to develop healing skills in Vedic astrology.
  • Discover the connection between the Moon, the 27 star constellations of the Vedic zodiac, and the imprint they make on your personality. You'll be blown away at how the light of the stars lives within you as your best qualities and personal abilities...while being introduced to the world's oldest "divine feminine" system of astrology.
  • Gain skills in identifying the 27 "types" of people and how to guide them toward fulfilling their soul's destiny.

Module Three—Yogas, Karma and the Right Timing in Vedic Astrology

  • Gain the skill of putting all the pieces together that make up the Vedic astrological chart.
  • Learn how planetary combinations translate into unique personality traits, the timing of your karma (why you went through what you went through at certain times in your life) and how to align with the highest gifts of any moment to make the best out of your life’s choices and decisions.
  • Learn how planetary combinations in the birth chart (yogas) translate into unique personality traits, aptitudes and potential life outcomes.
  • Discover the timing of karma according to specific planetary periods (dashas) and understand why you went through what you experienced at certain times in your life...and what you can expect to unfold in your future.
  • Uncover the secret to your life's biggest lessons, heal from past trauma and align your decisions with the best outcome for the future through learning about the planetary periods (dashas).
  • Gain insight into the 5 aspects (panchangam) of "right timing" (muhurta) and align your actions with the best possible outcome in all your life's most important events.


II. 4 Mini-Retreats with Dr. Katy (3 hours each)

At the conclusion of each module, Dr. Katy will hold a "Mini-Retreat" Intensive (Live over Zoom) to share new insights on the lessons. The 4th retreat will be devoted to helping you gain practical skills in putting all the pieces together to read Vedic birth charts.


III. Monthly Q&As with Dr. Katy (1.5 hours each)

At the end of each month of lessons, Dr. Katy will hold a live Q&A (live over Zoom) for you to ask any question about the material covered, look at sample charts, and share more deep wisdom & fun stories. 


IV. 1 x 1:1 Meeting with Dr. Katy (1 hour)

Once you've gone through all 3 Modules of lessons, you'll be invited to meet 1:1 with Dr. Katy (Live over Zoom) for feedback on a sample Vedic Birth Chart reading. You'll submit a sample reading (video) ahead of time for her review and she'll offer feedback on your unique skills as a Vedic astrologer & guidance on how you can grow.


V. Mentor 1:1 with Dr. Katy (Optional)

If you're wanting to "fast-track" your studies, you can opt to mentor privately with Dr. Katy for 12-months. Each month you'll submit a sample chart reading on video (or other assignment)  for Dr. Katy to review and share her feedback in your private session (live over Zoom). As Vedic astrology is best learned directly from teacher to student, this is the best way to advance your studies and grow your practice as a professional Vedic astrologer. 


Following the successful completion of all 4 parts of the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program—AND your sample Vedic Birth Chart 1:1 session—you'll receive a 250-hour "Certificate of Completion in Vedic Astrology." 

AND if you complete 12-months of 1:1 mentoring (and the assignments) with Dr. Katy, you'll qualify for a 500-hour "Certificate of Completion in Vedic Astrology." 


"I wanted to share with you the profound experience of having Dr. Katy review the sample Vedic astrology birth chart reading I'd submitted at the conclusion of the Life Insight Mastery program. It was so piercingly true and so helpfully communicated. I learned so much! It will take me a few more times listening to integrate the layers. I amazed by this journey and eternally grateful that Dr. Katy appeared in my life and showed me the light with which to navigate my life—and help others navigate theirs. We are blessed to have her as our guide!

~ Neva Ingalls


Here's what I promise you when you join the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) Program: 


1: You won’t be alone in your studies.

When you join The Life Insight Mastery Program you'll be given access to our worldwide Facebook community.
You'll learn together with like-minded and supportive students and get answers to your questions.


II. I’ll be with you every step of the way

Every month I’ll hold a Q&A (Live over Zoom) to answer your questions...and a "Mini-Retreat" at the conclusion of each Module of lesson. I’ll help you personally make sense of the concepts and teach you to read Vedic astrological charts on your own.


III. You'll be a student for life.

You can keep coming back again and again to review the course content, each time learning something new.
And you'll be given access to all future course updates and improvements.
It's a wonderful journey that continues with Dr. Katy Jane's personal and supportive guidance.

Whether your goal is your own personal enlightenment or to help others align with their highest life's purpose as a professional Vedic astrologer, you'll receive everything you need to expand your intuitive skills and translate them as meaningful, insightful and healing interpretations of Vedic astrological charts.


As soon as I started the lessons in Life Insight Mastery (Level 1), I fell in love with the language and clarity Dr. Katy brings to the table. She especially has a way of leading us to see how we're all light & how perfectly everything in nature is expressed through our lives. And Life Insight Mastery offered me a whole new career path. Dr. Katy helped me to realize that my birthright is to shine the light on the path for others. If you're ready to be transformed from the inside out—and help others find their life's purpose—this is the perfect place for you. I recommend you start today. Take that first step by joining the Life Insight Mastery (Level 1) program. I can't wait to meet you in the Facebook community!

~ Jenn Brooks

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The Life Insight Mastery Program is ongoing with Live Q and A's with Dr. Katy every month.

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