Welcome to Our Moon Meditation Circle

Hi You! I'm Dr. Katy Jane, and I warmly invite you to join our bi-monthly New and Full Moon meditation sessions. My own journey of aligning with the Vedic lunar cycles over the years—especially connecting with the energy of the monthy Nakshatras—has been healing & empowering for both personally & professionally. Embracing these rhythms has heightened my intuitive power, sharpened my mental focus, and brought emotional stability into my life. It's this personal alignment with the moon's potent New and Full phases that I want to share with you twice each month. This practice has been key in timing my business and personal projects, riding the wave of effortless success that naturally comes when our thoughts, words, and actions are in sync with these powerful lunar cycles. I can’t wait to hold this sacred space for you and our group of like-minded friends around the world!


From my heart, Dr. Katy


Bi-Monthly Zoom Sessions Aligned with the Moon

Join our vibrant community online for live sessions during each New and Full Moon. These gatherings are more than just meetings; they are opportunities to connect, reflect, and grow with the natural rhythm of life. Sessions are scheduled from 6:30-7:30pm EST live over Zoom with Dr. Katy. (recordings will be available)


2024 New and Full Moon Dates and Nakshatras(More dates to come soon!):

March 10: New Moon in Aquarius (Purva Bhadrapada)

March 25: Full Moon in Virgo (Uttara Phalguni)

May 8: New Moon in Aries (Bharani)

May 23: Full Moon in Libra (Vishakha)

June 6: New Moon in Taurus (Rohini)

June 22: Full Moon in Sagittarius (Mula)

September 2: New Moon in Leo (Magha)

September 18: Full Moon in Pisces (Purva Bhadrapada)

November 1: New Moon in Libra (Swati)

November 15: Full Moon in Aries (Bharani)

December 15: Full Moon in Taurus (Mrigashira)

December 30: New Moon in Sagittarius (Mula)


A Personal Message from Dr. Katy Jane:

Happy New Year dear friend!

Welcome to a year of insightful living, guided by the ancient wisdom of how we’re intimately connected with the stars above. As we step into 2024, I invite you to embrace the opportunity to align your life with the universal rhythms that Vedic astrology so beautifully reveals.

My journey with Vedic astrology has been nothing short of life changing. As a dedicated scholar and practitioner, I’ve witnessed how aligning my decisions with the planetary transits can lead to making the right choices at the most opportune times. It’s about more than just understanding the stars; it's about resonating with a deeper purpose, a higher calling.

I’m so much looking forward to sharing this path together with you. I am so excited to be your guide, helping you to align every moment with what’s available from above.

Here’s to a year of making decisions that are not just timely, but deeply aligned with your soul's true purpose!

Welcome to your path of enlightenment and empowerment in 2024. I am thrilled to be a part of your journey!

From my heart, Dr. Katy


What you can expect inside...

Sanskrit Mantra Meditations

In each session, I’ll guide you through meditations using Sanskrit mantras that resonate with the specific Nakshatra of the moon. These mantras are powerful tools that help in creating a deep, resonant meditative experience, tailored to the unique energy of each lunar phase.


Reflect and Grow with Your Vedic Birth Chart

We'll use the "2024 Vedic Astrology Life Insight Planner & Companion Journal" for guided personal reflections, helping you weave the lunar cycles into your personal and professional life. This approach offers profound insights and a clearer understanding of how these cycles influence us. [order your copies here]


Interactive Q&A for Personal Guidance

Every session concludes with an interactive Q&A, providing a space for questions and shared learning. It’s a time to gain clarity, share insights, and learn from the collective wisdom of our community.


Join Our Community for Personal and Shared Growth

These sessions are more than just a series of meditations. They’re designed to lead you on a holistic journey toward well-being, balance, and understanding. By aligning with the lunar rhythms and the wisdom of the Nakshatras, you'll open doors to a more mindful, aware, and harmonious life.


We can’t wait for you to join us in discovering the power of aligning with the moon's cycles. Let's grow, reflect, and succeed together with the help of the moon!



Pricing Options:


Pay in Full: $997

  • Includes New & Full Moon Live Meditation & Reflections with Dr. Katy on Zoom for one year
  • Recordings for the life of your membership


Pay Monthly: $97/month

  • Includes New & Full Moon Live Meditation & Reflections with Dr. Katy on Zoom
  • Recordings for the life of your membership


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2024 Moon Meditation Circle


Best Value

  • Bi-Monthly Live Zoom Calls With Dr. Katy wiht Moon Meditation
  • Supportive Community
  • Interactive Q and A 

2024 Moon Meditation Circle


Flexible Monthly Payment

  • Bi-Monthly Live Zoom Calls With Dr. Katy wiht Moon Meditation
  • Supportive Community
  • Interactive Q and A