Dive Deep with Ashlesha, “The Intuitive Healer”: This Week's Vedic Astrology Forecast

Sep 11, 2023

Recently on the Monday Moon Muse podcast, we took our listeners on a journey through the week's Vedic astrology forecast, focusing on the intriguing Ashlesha Vedic Moon Sign (Nakshatra) and the ongoing planetary transits that are influencing your Vedic birth chart—and your life!

Let me break this down for everyone, especially if you're new to Vedic astrology.

Ashlesha: Beyond The Myths

Ashlesha, often visualized as a coiled snake, embodies emotional depth and the power of femininity. Found within the modern-day Hydra constellation, it's a star cluster that's been both celebrated and misunderstood.

Across many world religions, the serpent is feared and frequently labeled as a representation of evil. This viewpoint, coupled with interpretations from some fatalistic Vedic astrologers, has cast shadows over the positive attributes of Ashlesha. Instead of recognizing its potential for profound emotional healing and insight, it's been sidelined or misunderstood.

Yet, in the realm of Vedic astrology, an informed understanding of Ashlesha paints a different picture. For those with Ashlesha prominent in their Vedic birth chart, it serves as a compass, guiding them through intense emotions and heightened sensitivities. It gives an inborn talent to lean into one's emotional intelligence, much like the depth and mystery associated with the snake symbol.

Planetary Transits: Reflecting on the Week

The dance of the planets this week, particularly the transits of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury, beckon us to slow down and take stock of our memories, dreams, and reflections:

  • Saturn: Time to reevaluate your past decisions.
  • Jupiter: Reconnect with dreams and passions that might have dimmed.
  • Mercury: Dive into introspection and self-understanding.

Couple this with the moon's transit through Ashlesha and Venus's trajectory in Cancer, and the week ahead is rich with opportunities for emotional exploration and resonance.

Turning Insights Into Action

Grasping the nuances of these planetary transits and constellations is so helpful in navigating your life’s choices and how you see yourself. Embracing the rhythm of the universe, or in Vedic terms, Dharma, means finding harmony in the chaos of daily life. The insights from our Vedic astrology weekly forecast can light our path, offering direction and clarity.

Here's how you can channel this week's celestial wisdom into actionable steps:


Reassess Choices: Under Saturn's gaze, review any major recent decisions. Think work, relationships, or personal goals.

Reignite Passions: With Jupiter's energy at play, revisit sidelined hobbies or dreams.

Internal Dialogue: Mercury's vibe encourages deep internal check-ins. Consider journaling or meditation.

Honor Your Emotions: The moon's journey through Ashlesha is a reminder to embrace, not evade, our feelings.

As we go through the week ahead, remember the universe narrates a story through patterns and alignments. By listening, learning, and aligning, we can transform celestial insights into grounded actions. Remember that the stars are both guides and companions. Embrace the journey, grow with it, and always, keep looking up!

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