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What You Need to Understand the Yoga Sutras

You will never understand the Yoga Sutras if you read them in English. The only way to really imbibe their meaning is to feel them in Sanskrit.

Each Sanskrit syllable has an emotional quality that cultures your deepest way of knowing—your intuition.

You don’t need a dictionary to know what a word in Sanskrit means, in other words. You just need to teach yourself how to understand through feeling, like the great Sanskrit poet Kalidasa.

The Story of Kalidasa

Kalidasa wasn’t always a great poet, however. In fact, he was born a mute. Although he could hear, he never uttered a single sound—which made him unteachable.

You see, Vedic education requires listening and repeating in Sanskrit. If a child can’t speak she can’t be taught. So Kalidasa’s father abandoned his son’s studies and left him alone to play in the forest.

As a result, Kalidasa spent many hours alone in the nearby forest observing nature and enjoying the innocent play of the...

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