Entering the Ring of Fire: How Best to Navigate the October 2023 Solar Eclipse According to Vedic Astrology

Oct 09, 2023

What’s an Eclipse Anyway?

Imagine you’re playing with two balls and a flashlight. One ball represents the moon, and the other, the Earth or the sun.

Now, if you move one ball in front of the other, blocking the flashlight, you've created a mini-eclipse in your living room!

Solar Eclipses: Their Meaning According to Vedic Astrology

A solar eclipse is a unique planetary transit that happens two times in the year according to Vedic astrology—usually in May & October. The light of the sun is “eclipsed” when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth—obscuring its light. (The October 14th eclipse will form a halo of light, like a “ring of fire.”)

Suddenly, in the middle of the day, it gets dark, and the moon releases the contents of your unconscious mind—which can cause strange dreams, painful memories, ptsd, and other reminders that can disturb your mental peace.

This is why Vedic astrologers have always advised it’s best to do nothing during the time of a solar eclipse—no eating, no working, no trying, no nothing. Only Being.

In Vedic astrology the sun indicates “ego” and when its energy gets blocked, we can see what’s underneath the surface of who we think we are. We can get in touch with our “I am” sense—with the help of nature (which is going through the same introspection)—beyond the grip of “me & mine,” which the ego commands.

The moon (our hidden inner Self) appears unencumbered by the sun/ego’s glare and tells us to—“Pause, dear friend, and breathe.”

Lunar Eclipses: Their Meaning According to Vedic Astrology

Contrary to a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse happens when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking its usual night-time glow.

And—importantly! — while a solar eclipse occurs during a new moon, lunar eclipses happen on full moons.

During full moons, our emotions reach full peak—and not always in a positive way. People have been known to commit crimes or lose their emotional balance on full moon nights.

Lunar eclipses block the overpowering emotions that can sometimes overwhelm us. And according to Vedic astrology, give us a chance to encounter the light of our inner sun, which the Vedas describe as Atman—the changeless and limitless Presence.

As the Earth passes between the two constants in our life—the sun & moon—like a child standing between two bickering parents calling a timeout, he gives us a gentle nudge, whispering, “It’s okay to rest and reflect.”

Eclipses in History: Stories from Ancient Babylon

For centuries, astrologers and astronomers alike have been captivated by the occurrence of eclipses, studying their cycles and pondering their impacts on our earthly lives.

One fascinating chapter of this history is inscribed on the Enuma Anu Enlil, ancient Babylonian tablets, which are the world’s oldest surviving body of astrological texts and omens.

It’s not only an exhaustive record of every important astrological event from as far back as the 7th century BCE. The Enuma Anu Enlil introduced humanity to the astrological style of thinking — “as is above, so is below.” It’s a chapter in the history of humankind when we looked up to the skies to help explain the meaning of what’s happening on earth.

Even today when a Vedic astrologer reads your Vedic birth chart, they are consulting the snapshot of the way the sky looked at the exact moment of your birth to determine very intimate things about you—including your core psychological imprint, your mental capacities, and emotional temperaments.

The authors of the Enuma Anu Enlil were particularly fascinated with the recurrence of solar and lunar eclipses and what they meant for kings to strategize their decision-making and align best with the power of these moments.  

Eclipses were seen as omens that often foretold the fall of kingdoms and empires—both outward symbols of the Sun/Ego relationship. An enlightened king realizes nothing ultimately belongs to him. He’s just a channel for a higher power to express itself.

The Solar Eclipse (October 14th and 15th) as per Vedic Astrology

On October 14, 2023 (with direct influence spanning through the 15th), we’ll encounter our final solar eclipse of 2023. The moon will start moving in between the earth and sun—forming a solar eclipse—at 8:34pm IST (11:04am EST) and will move past the two at 2:25am IST (4:55pm EST) ending the eclipse.

The height of the solar eclipse will be felt most tangibly at 11:29pm-11:37pm IST (1:59pm-2:07pm EST). This is the BEST time for meditation practices.

According to Vedic astrology, the positive benefits of practicing deep introspection leading to transcendence is amplified a hundred-fold during eclipses. Best not to miss the chance to speed up your evolution!

According to Vedic astrology, eclipses serve as nature's poignant reminders of cyclical change and the interconnectedness of our universe. They aren't just awe-inspiring visual spectacles; they symbolize moments of introspection, renewal, and transformation.

Eclipses challenge us to align our internal rhythms with these cosmic shifts.

How Do We Navigate Through Eclipses according to Vedic Astrology?

Navigating through eclipses with mindfulness enhances our capacity to absorb the intrinsic energies of these celestial events. Particularly:



During eclipses, meditation becomes a potent tool for self-exploration and transformation. Engaging in meditation during these periods is considered, especially within various spiritual traditions, to magnify the benefits manifold.

Numerous research has pointed towards the general benefits of meditation on our brain and wellbeing. Studies have shown that consistent meditation can lead to structural changes in the brain that enhance focus, memory, and emotional regulation.

When we meditate during an eclipse, we amplify our capacity for introspection and realization—increasing the positive healing effects of the theta state of consciousness (transcendent).



Eclipses provide valuable moments for turning within for introspective healing. They encourage us to observe our path, acknowledging the highs and lows with a compassionate heart, and to reorient ourselves towards our true north.



The subtle energies during an eclipse serve as a natural cleanser for our emotional and spiritual selves. By attuning ourselves with these energies, we allow old, stagnant energies to be released, making space for rejuvenation and new possibilities.

That’s why here in India people take a “holy dip” during eclipses—to wash away the old and attain a renewed life.


Vedic Astrology as a Tool for Awareness During Eclipses

As we approach the forthcoming solar eclipse, it’s important to remember that such events are revered as sacred moments according to Vedic astrology.

It’s not just an astronomical event but a gentle reminder from the universe to pause, reflect, and recalibrate.

Your Vedic birth chart is a powerful tool for self-reflection, helping you to determine what your Sun/Ego is holding you back from seeing behind the veil of “me and “mine.”

It’s a precious time to witness who you are beyond the play of shadows and light, of endings and beginnings. Solar eclipses prompt us to dive deep into our inner worlds, to unearth and to illuminate the recesses of our consciousness (the realm of the Moon).

The alignment of sun, moon and earth—not only in the cosmos but within ourselves— paves the way for internal shifts that are as profound and transformative as the celestial spectacle unfolding above us.


Allowing the solar eclipse to be a catalyst for personal growth and a deeper understanding of your own inner cosmos, will carry you ahead six months into the future (until the next solar eclipse in 2024) with clarity, wisdom, and a harmonious alignment with your highest life purpose (dharma).

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