Moon Muse: Seeking Clarity in the Constellation of Vishaka and the Nights of Navaratri

Oct 16, 2023

Can we navigate through life's changes with blind faith and courage?

As we transit through the potent energy of the moon constellation, Vishaka, we learn how faith and fearlessness can help us forge ahead even when the path is blurry.

We dive into the secrets of how the second emanation of Durga, the devotee of God, influences our mindset, healing, and understanding of suffering.

Also, we take a look at the transformative effects of Vishaka and how they impact our mental fortitude during pivotal moments in life.

This week we also celebrate Navaratri, the nine nights dedicated to the goddess, and discuss the significance of the second form of Goddess Durga, in our spiritual journey.

Join us for Navaratri this year and get two free bonus group LIVE chanting sessions!


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