Moon Muse: Moon Transits Rohini

Oct 23, 2023

Monday Moon Muse: The Rohini Moon and its Connection to Christmas


Hello everyone, and a very Merry Christmas to you all! Today, December 25th, is not just a day of celebration and joy, but also a moment when the moon graces the Rohini constellation, infusing the day with a special kind of magic according to Vedic Astrology. Let me share with you how this aligns with our festive spirit and the deep significance it holds as the Moon rests in his exalted position in Taurus (Rohini). 


The Enchantment of Rohini


Rohini, known for its rose-colored hue, symbolizes undying optimism. It's like those wonderful people in our lives who, against all odds, see the bright side in everything. This ability to always find the positive, even in the most difficult circumstances, is the spirit of Rohini. It’s about seeing life through a lens of hope and beauty.


Situated in the heart of Taurus, Rohini symbolizes an unbroken connection between heaven and earth, a theme that resonates so well during the Christmas season—and in the Vedic tradition that’s at the basis of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology). Like this star, this time is not only about the materialism that we associate with modern Christmas; it’s about recognizing and celebrating the sacred ties between the earthly and the heavenly.


The Christmas Narrative and the Magi


The story of the Magi, who followed a star to witness Christ's birth, has always been a part of my fascination with Christmas since childhood. These wise men, possibly Zoroastrian priests, shared a deep understanding of the cosmos, much like the Vedic tradition. 


Their journey to discover Christ is a metaphor for our own spiritual quests. Our Vedic birth chart begins with the star (nakshatra) that was rising in the eastern horizon at the time and place of our birth, marking our unique path. Discovering and aligning with this star is like finding our inner divine spark. In this way, consulting your Vedic birth chart is like the Magi searching for and finding the Christ. It’s that powerful. It’s that sacred.


Zoroastrianism, Astrology, and Intuition


The Magi's story is deeply intertwined with the Zoroastrian tradition. Originating from ancient Persia, now Iran, Zoroastrianism is closely related to the Vedic tradition of India. They share core beliefs in the connection between the celestial and the terrestrial. 


Like the Vedic rishis (“seers”), the Magi, as Zoroastrian priests, would have had profound astrological knowledge, enabling them to interpret the cosmic signs with great accuracy.

Their highly developed intuition allowed them to follow the star and find Christ. This ability to read the map of the sky and align it with events on Earth is a testament to their deep spiritual connection and understanding. Their journey is not just a historical event but a symbolic representation of aligning with our higher purpose and intuition through the unbroken connection we share with the heavens.


Symbolism of the Magi’s Journey


The Magi’s journey to find Christ is symbolic of our personal quests to find our own inner light. Just as the Magi followed the star, each of us is on a journey to discover and align with our own personal 'rising star.' This star, present at the moment of our birth, guides us towards realizing our true purpose and potential.


Their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh represent the surrender to our higher selves. Gold symbolizes the wealth and prosperity predestined in our lives; frankincense represents the pursuit and attainment of knowledge; and myrrh symbolizes the longevity of our life's journey. These gifts mirror the constants in our lives and the surrender to our predetermined path that’s foretold in the Vedic birth chart.


Embracing the Journey


This Christmas, under the Rohini moon, invites us to reflect on the Magi's journey and its symbolism in our lives. It’s a reminder to embrace our intuition, align with our higher purpose, and accept the gifts of our existence with gratitude and understanding.


I hope this Christmas brings tranquility, an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self, and the joy of being with loved ones. Let’s embrace the lessons of Rohini, finding beauty in every moment and appreciating the connection between the heavens and our world.

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