Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

May 18, 2022

I’ve got my eyes on the lunar eclipse happening May 15 and 16!

On this same full moon eclipse within Vishakha, “the radical change of direction,” Buddha was born, left home and discovered enlightenment. His life story reveals what this eclipse can mean for us.

Soon after the Buddha’s birth, his father consulted a Vedic astrologer—knowing that our birth chart is a kind of “owner’s manual” for our life. Buddha’s father wanted to know what kind of person this baby would become. 

The astrologer said there were two possible paths Buddha would take in life. He would either become a great king, or the greatest saint ever to walk the earth. 

Receiving this prediction, Buddha’s father set out to make sure his son would rule as king and not be tempted to reject the monarchy in favor of a spiritual path. So the king created a world of exquisite beauty for Buddha to enjoy. 

The king figured if Buddha never saw any suffering, he’d have no reason to question the value of material pleasure. 

He was wrong. Something beyond human willpower made Buddha change his direction. 

On the night of this same full Moon eclipse, Buddha fled his comfortable life as a prince in the pleasure palace. He promised Mother Earth he would not quit until he discovered the truth of who we are.

Buddha’s path led him to choose the astrologer’s second option.


It didn’t matter how hard anyone tried to stop him. He was pulled by a force beyond himself to take up an uncertain life, rejecting what he’d always known. 

On powerful eclipses like this, something else happens.

Our well-made plans are laid to rest. For a brief moment the light of the sun and moon (our ego and feelings) is concealed. A higher intelligence closes doors and open windows.

The truth that we are not in charge is a tough pill to swallow. This is why Vedic astrologers fear eclipses. They can’t predict for certain what will happen. 

For a spiritual seeker, though, an eclipse is a powerful moment not to miss. It’s a chance to say “let thy will be done.” 

Here in India the devout take a “holy dip” in sacred rivers during eclipses, symbolizing surrender to the grand flow of the universal intelligence. The waters wash away the residues of karma—those actions we make against dharma, nature’s perfect order. 

Eclipses give us a clean slate. For the next six months, you have a chance for a new path to rise up to meet you, as the Irish say.


We’re already feeling the “clean slate energy” here in Dunagiri, which is a sweet respite after the turmoil of the past two years. I plan to be back in the States at the end of June and will be offering lots of opportunities to meet with me live. So if you’ve been wanting an in-person Vedic astrology session or to study Sanskrit & Vedic astrology with me, I’ll let you know soon what’s happening and when.

Until then, I invite you to follow me on Instagram (@drkatyjane) where I give more frequent Vedic astrological updates and other wisdom tidbits.

From my heart,

Dr. Katy

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