Monday Moon Muse: Moon Transits Shravana, “The Listener”

Sep 25, 2023

This week begins with the Moon transiting Shravana, which means “she who listens.” This planetary transit, in sync with the changing seasons, presents us with a golden opportunity for introspection. It's a call to pause, reflect, and align ourselves with our higher Self.

In the realm of modern astronomy, Shravana finds its counterpart in the modern constellation, Aquila, The Eagle. Dominating a portion of the night sky that corresponds with sidereal Capricorn, this constellation is highlighted by three distinct stars. These stars are linked with the deep meaning of the number three.

Vamana's Three Strides: Insights into Persistence and Growth

One of the most compelling tales associated with Shravana, deeply rooted in Vedic astrology, is the legend of Lord Vishnu's incarnation as Vamana, the dwarf. This story narrates how Vamana confronted a demon whose unchecked ambitions were causing suffering throughout the universe. 

With an air of arrogance, the demon promised Vamana any territory he could cover in three steps. To his astonishment, Vamana expanded and took three significant strides, covering the earth, the mid-heavens, and then the entire universe.

This narrative isn't merely about overcoming adversity; it mirrors our own life's journey. 

The three strides Vamana took reflect how we often experience success. They teach us that achieving our goals or gaining wisdom might not be a one-time event. Just as Vamana took three strides to achieve his mission, we too might need multiple attempts, reinforcing the idea that persistence and understanding often come in three’s.

OM and Shravana: The Connection Between Sound and Stars

The significance of the number three in Shravana is deepened by the mantra 'OM'. This mantra that embodies the entire Veda is divided into three syllables. These divisions mirror the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep—which are underlied by the “4th state,” turiya, which is the transcendental state of profound awareness and the goal of listening deeply.

Interestingly, the three syllables of 'OM' align with the three stars of Shravana, making the mantra not just a sound but a representation of these guiding stars. This connection emphasizes the relationship between sound, the stars, and our states of consciousness, offering a unique perspective in Vedic astrology.

The Vedic Path: A Journey of Experiential Knowledge

Shravana's teachings provide insights into the Vedic approach to learning and understanding, which isn't merely about absorbing information. Vedic learning is a holistic journey, an exploration of the self and the universe achieved by deep listening. 

Based on an oral system of learning, the Vedic guru-disciple method of education emphasizes learning through mind-to-mind transmission. It's imbibed, internalized, and lived.

In this way, the three stars of Shravana connect us with the very source of the universe, which is discovered by attuning our consciousness to the sonic building blocks of creation. 

Guidance from Shravana for the Week Ahead

As we chart our course for the week under the guidance of Shravana's planetary transits, the lessons from Vedic astrology are invaluable. 

Shravana encourages us to be attentive listeners—to our surroundings, our peers, and most importantly, our inner selves. When faced with challenges or pivotal decisions, the Vamana tale serves as a guiding light, emphasizing that it may take more than one time to succeed. Take your time and take a long-term perspective on your life. 

Most of all as we slip into shorter days and colder nights, let's commit to deep listening.

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